Quick and Easy Yoga

Quick and Easy Yoga

Unwind, energize and boost your health and fitness with easy 5 minute routines from acclaimed yoga teacher Christine Brown.

'In Quick and Easy Yoga', acclaimed yoga guru Christine Brown brings you a wealth of wonderful 5 minute yoga routines which you can incorporate into your life immediately - anytime, anywhere.

Start the day with a morning activator practise energizing exercises at your desk and wind down in the park. Alternatively, select exercises tailored for their effects upon body and mind, with postures for Stress Busters, Mood Enhancers and Energy Boosters. This truly is quick and easy yoga.

Anyone - Follow the clear, step by step yoga routines, whatever your age or fitness, even if you've never practised yoga before.

Anytime - Discover routines for your daily life, including a morning wake-up a lunchtime lift, and evening de-stress, or before a night out.

Anywhere - Find postures you can do wherever you are - including at the park, at your desk, on a plane, or just before you fall asleep in bed.

Review: I've always wanted to try yoga but as a working mum of 2 kids under 6, could never find the time for Me. 'Quick and Easy Yoga' is the perfect fit, it allows me to look after my health in a manner that suits my busy and constant lifestyle, giving me more energy to get through the day.

Quick and Easy Yoga
Simon & Schuster
Author: Christine Brown
ISBN: 9781844835812
RRP: $19.95