Powertube Pro's Top 10 Fitness Gifts For Christmas

Powertube Pro's Top 10 Fitness Gifts For Christmas

Powertube Pro's Top 10 Fitness Gifts For Christmas

Polish off the turkey and get an early start on your New Year's Resolutions with one of these gifts from Australia's largest Fitness Accessory brand.

Gift-giving can be a Christmas nightmare with hard-to-buy-for loved ones. But, PowerTube Pro's premium, results-focused and affordable range of fitness accessories has you covered. Created by Rugby Union legend and former Wallabies captain George Gregan, the brand's bright, functional and accessible range has something perfect for everybody, at every fitness level, and all lifestyles.

Established in 2009, PowerTube Pro's range now boasts 55 high quality, highly functional and durable fitness accessories, available from Rebel and major sporting retailers and ready to be stuffed into Santa's sack. Most products also come with a handy exercise guide and DVD, showcasing hundreds of exercises.

To take the guessing game out of finding the perfect gift for your favourite people, George and the PowerTube Pro team have picked their top 10 gift suggestions for every "body" on your Christmas Gift List!

For The Yogi:


PowerTube Pro ECOMAT, $49.99 is lightweight, durable and designed to suit both indoor practices, and outside sessions. The environmentally friendly and phthalates-free materials provide stable traction, even for heated-studio yoga practices, while also giving support and comfort during Shavasana. The Ecomats are available in 3 different colours including Jade, Black and Purple.

PowerTube Pro YOGA BRICK, $21.99 is designed with a soft finish and radius edges, and provides superior comfort and support especially during the most challenging poses. Recommended for beginners and advanced yogis alike, this product is the perfect tool to improve flexibility, balance and spine alignment.

PowerTube Pro FLEXIBAND, $29.99 is specifically designed to improve upper and lower body flexibility while ensuring controlled and safe movement. Perfect for safely reaching flexibility goals. The Flexibands are available according to height in small (Pink), medium (Orange) and large (Green).

For The Gym Junkie:


PowerTube Pro TOTAL RESISTANCE SYSTEM (TRS), $139.99 has been created to target every muscle group and achieve muscle strength, body toning, flexibility, weight loss, post-injury rehabilitation or to simply maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the Multi Power Clip System, you can combine up to five PowerTubes at a time (over 60 kilos of resistance) and switch between no less than 31 different resistance combinations. Specifically designed by industry experts, the Inner Cord Technology (I.C.T.) also prevents the tubing from over-stretching and snapping, making the TRS the safest resistance training system on the market.

The TRS comes with a set of Power Handles and Ankle Straps, which allows you to alternate between upper and lower body workouts in a matter of seconds and reproduce over 100 gym and pilates exercises, all showcased in a user-friendly exercise guide. Plus, the Door Anchor, Outdoor Anchor and Carry Bag make it easy for you to train in the comfort of your own home, outdoors or during your travels.

For The Injury Prone


PowerTube Pro SENSORY BALL, $16.99 uses acupressure technology to access deep muscle-tissue for the purposes of releasing 'feel good' endorphins, and massaging out tight and tired muscle areas.

PowerTube Pro MEDIBAND+, from $16.99 is specifically designed to assist injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as adding the benefit of resistance training to basic exercise. It is an all-purpose fitness tool that can be taken anywhere, and comes with a bonus PTP Door Anchor. The bands are weighted from 4.2kg to 9.6kg and are available in ultra-light (Pink), light (Lime Green), medium (Green), heavy (Orange), and ultimate (Grey).

For The Frequent Flyer: PowerTube Pro TRACKBALL, $29.99 is a handy and compact item that massages every part of the body, ideal for relieving muscle tension and neck and back pain after a long and tiring flight. Each purchase of the PowerTube Pro Trackball Soft (Lime) or PowerTube Pro Trackball Firm (Black) also comes with an exercise book that includes over 40 exercises.

PowerTube Pro POWERTUBE+ from $24.99 can be used on any door with a lightweight design that makes it the perfect travel companion for on-the-go fitness. The bands help to develop muscle tone and overall strength, balance and coordination. Each purchase also comes with a handy bonus PTP door anchor and exercise guide complete with over 50 resistance-training exercises.

For The Beginner:


PowerTube Pro COREBALL Pro Series, from $44.99 is a trusted honoured tool for getting a taught and toned core in a safe and effective w combination of cushioned support and focus on core stability ensures maxi results with minimum risk. The Coreballs are available in different sizes and colours including Mint 55cm, Lime 65cm, Purple 65cm and Grey 75cm.

PowerTube Pro SUPERBANDS, from $34.95 help with stretching, resistance and body-weight workouts. From increasing pull-up reps to assisting yoga poses, the thick, durable band can be incorporated into almost any workout routine. The bands come in five colour-coded sizes depending on required thickness, length and weight, with the thicker bands recommended for beginners. Every purchase of a SUPERBAND also comes with a complete poster workout guide.

For further information and stockists, visit www.powertubepro.com.au