Nutrimetics Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme

Nutrimetics Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme

Help your body firm up naturally

Future proof your body with Nutirmetics Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme. This breakthrough in anti-ageing technology has been developed to naturally assist the body in reducing the visable signs of ageing by deeply hydrating, toning and promoting skin firmness and natural collagen production.

The perfect balance of science and nature, Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme is formulated with natural BioPhytox™, a patented natural ingredient enriched with carefully selected Hibiscus plant extracts, clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

BioPhytox™ works on the skin in two ways:
* Penetrates the surface of the skin and helps reduce the appearance of skin ageing by toning and promoting firmness.
* An effective skin protectant which complements the skin's natural defences and minimises the appearance of permature skin sagging.

In addition, a 24 hour hydrating and firming complex keeps skin hydrated all day long and promotes ongoing firmness, whilst a patented Vitamin Store System delivers anti-oxidants to help prevent future ageing.

A delight to apply thanks to its rich, non-greasy texture that's quickly absorbed into the skin, Nutrimetics Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme will leave the body firmer and smoother, with renewed tone and elasticity.

Nutrimetics beauty tip
After showering or bathing, smooth Nutrimetics Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Body Creme over the entire body in gentle sweeping motions until completely absorbed. Use morning and evening.

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