John Plunkett Classic Beauty Carry Kit

John Plunkett Classic Beauty Carry Kit
As the silly season approaches, this is no time to get sloppy with your skin. In fact, with all the parties, late nights and long lunches, you may need something more than a morning after pick-me-up. how about a daily miracle cure?

John Plunkett products has the perfect gift to keep you looking classically beautiful for christmas and beyond.

The John Plunkett classic beauty kit is the perfect gift for you and for those you love. So if you want to look like the after picture rather than the before, grab a kit before the christmas grinch grabs them all.

The CLASSIC BEAUTY KIT contains three fantastic products each specifically chosen for their powerful age-defying ingredients and beautifying powers.

CLASSIC WRINKLE ERASER includes Argireline, the first non-toxic peptide to demonstrate a similar muscle relaxing activity to Botox but is applied topically to the skin. Also containing the potent skin surface tightener, Pentacare HP, this product works from both above and below the skin's surface to effectively erase wrinkles. After all the Christmas parties this season, your skin will be pooped so plan ahead. This formulation will erase all the damage caused from a bit too much partying, keeping your skin plumped up for the New Year.

CLASSIC FACELFIT SERUM is a luxurious but potent skin resurfacing serum. Applied each night the skin will completely rejuvenate in 15 days. Incorporating the stimulating glycoprotein, Antarticine, skin levels of Collagen I and Collagen IV are increased by 114% and 68% respectively. Anti-oxidant vitamins help minimise daily environmental damage from free radicals and Aloe Vera gel soothes and hydrates the skin. This triple action formulation of exfoliation, collagen production and hydration will create a new silky texture to the skin while minimising wrinkles and fine lines by up to 50%. So forget all those Christmas sales - you'll be lining up all the way to Antarctica to get your hands on this little number. Bringing in the New Year won't apply to your skin as you turn back time with this timely Classic.

Finally the CLASSIC REFIRMING EYE CREAM makes up the last of the Three Wise Creams. This finely textured and deeply penetrating cream reduces the appearance and formation of wrinkles around the sensitive area of eyes and lips. The muscle relaxant, Argireline works with the surface tightener Pentacare HP to also reduce puffiness around the eyes while moisturisers and dermoproteins repair the underlying support tissue. The Rosehip oil heals and protects the skin.

So pop out the Champagne and start celebrating. With this little kit, you'll find all your Christmases have come at once. At only $79.95 you can fill your stocking or be the perfect Santa gift.

The classic range is available from pharmacies nationwide. For Stockists call 1300 366 833 or visit