Clinique's Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum

Clinique's Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum

Clinique's NEW Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum

Developed by the original "derm brand", Clinique's Derma White line was specifically created for Asian skin to directly address skin discolourations with a custom-fit approach to daily care, treatment, prevention and makeup. Formulated with innovative textures, ingredients and cutting edge technology, Clinique's Derma White treatment category is proud to welcome the newest member of its family, Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum.

Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum represents the perfect example of form and function, a true hallmark of Clinique's brand heritage. A highly concentrated, light-weight gel-serum designed to visibly reduce AND help prevent the appearance of dark spots. Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum acts as a potent weapon to directly target dark spots with a tri-ball "massage" roller dispenser which releases a cocktail of brighteners on point of contact. Key ingredients are then delivered to the skin encapsulated in a sphere comprised of marine collagen and lecithin. This innovative delivery system also allows for gentle massage to aid in the exfoliation of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin allowing for a smoother more radiant look.

Dark Spots 101
Dark spots are caused by an excess of melanin production and are the result of UV exposure, environmental aggressors, hormonal changes, improper cleansing, lack of moisture, allergens and the natural process of aging. More common in Asian skin, dark spots can appear on the face and require concentrated, targeted care. The condition can be exacerbated by inflammation, such as that caused by UV exposure, and Asian skin, in particular, is vulnerable to irregular pigmentation. To make matters worse, hyper-pigmentation may last many months, years or even a lifetime.

Powerful Ingredients + Motion = Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum
Because there are many causes of discolourations, there is no one solution. With its heritage based in dermatological science, Clinique was inspired by the insights of accomplished Asian dermatologists in the field of hyper-pigmentation to specifically address the needs of Asian women. Clinique has always believed that a customized, multi-pronged approach is the best way to achieve brighter, smoother, more even-toned and radiant skin and to accomplish this goal, Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum focuses on several key ingredients and actions:

Ingredient What It Does
Ascorbyl Glucoside(Vitamin C)
This active whitening ingredient helps the brightening process by acting like an "eraser" in breaking up large, visible clusters of melanin into smaller particles that are less visible to the eye. This excess melanin gets dispersed throughout the skin, creating a more even looking skin tone

Yeast Extract XP(Black-Out Yeast Extract)
As part of the Derma White cocktail of ingredients, including Vitamin C, this helps breakdown and speed the departure of melanin clusters

Scutellaria Root Extract and Mulberry Root Extract
These extracts are encapsulated in a unique delivery vehicle (spheres comprised of marine collagen and lecithin) which are designed to break and release the clarity boosters upon massage*

Acetyle Glucosamine
Provides immediate as well as continued exfoliation and aids in the loosening of bonds that hold dead skin cells together for renewed skin clarity and overall skin tone

Salicylic Acid
Helps fade existing surface discolourations by providing exfoliation to the uppermost layers of the skin

*Hygienic, tri-ball massage roller dispenser
Gently massages skin to release whitening and brightening ingredients on point of contact and aids in desquamation process

Back to Basics
Clinique has always believed that everyone's skin requires good, basic, daily care and Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum does just that. Sodium Hyaluronate, a humectant, binds moisture to the skin to keep it plump and firm, Dimethicone provides that smooth skin after-feel and helps maintain surface moisture, Sucrose and Caffeine help reduce skin discolourations by acting as anti-irritants and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E,) a powerful antioxidant, helps fight damage caused by free radicals and keeps skin looking its best. A harmony of botanical extracts including Yang Kuei Fei Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract (Young Orange Extract) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice are combined to help keep skin glowing and healthy looking.

How to Massage
* Apply twice daily with massage applicator directly to dark spots.
* Use after cleansing and appropriate Brightening Lotion.
* Hold uncapped bottle upside down
* Press button in base to release serum onto roller balls
* Massage roller ball head into dark spot for five to ten seconds
* Gently pat spot with fingertip until serum is absorbed, repeat up to four times as needed
* Tissue off rollers, cap tightly
* Follow with your customized Derma White essence or daily moisturizer.

Derma White Micro Motion C-Serum - RRP $64

Derma White: Custom Fit Brightening Inspired By Dermatology
Appropriate for all Skin Types. Non-acnegenic. * Allergy Tested. * 100% Fragrance-Free. Dermatologist tested .* Ophthalmologist Tested. * Formulated for Asian Skins.