Dove Firming Regime

Dove Firming Regime
Dove Firming is an innovative range from Dove that gives you firmer, smoother skin in just two weeks. Inspired by Thalasso therapy, Dove firming products combine ancient beauty remedies with the latest in scientific beauty theory to give you fantastically firmer skin whilst also helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Dove Firming Bodywash $7.49
    Used everyday in the shower, Dove Firming Bodywash is the first step to firm skin. It is available in 375ml bottles and available now from pharmacies and supermarkets nationally.

  • Dove Firming Lotion $8.99
    Massage daily into your skin for smoother, firmer skin. Tests prove after 1 week skin is significantly smoother and after 2 weeks skin is noticeably firmer1. Available in 375mL.

  • Dove Intensive Cellulite Gel-Cream $10.99
    Specifically developed to diminish the look of cellulite and dimpled skin by targeting problem areas like thighs and bottom. Tests prove after 1 week, skin around problem areas is significantly firmer. After 3 weeks the appearance of cellulite is noticeably reduced . Use as often as you like or as a daily boost alongside Dove Firming Lotion. Available in 200ml tubes.

    Briar Taylor, Brand Manager for Dove, recognises that regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for combating the signs of cellulite, but also believes Australian women will see great results by using the Dove Firming Range.

    "Each of the three products comprising the range has been formulated with a combination of an Advanced Technology Moisturising system, Thalasso spa therapy and special ingredients including seaweed extracts, elastin peptides and ceramides," Briar said.

    "This formulation makes for a 'firming engine'. Used regularly, Dove Firming hydrates the skin as well as making skin cells plumper and firmer. It's never been easier to get your skin in the shape you love!" Briar continued.

    "Tested on 'real women', with 'real curves' in the United Kingdom last year, we had an over whelming response to our new Firming Range. The majority of women responding that the products certainly gave them that extra bit of confidence in their bodies - something we are very proud in helping them achieve," Briar concluded.

    In Australia, to support the launch of the products, Dove featured 'real' women in their advertising campaigns. These beautiful women, with their unique shapes and sizes, were not airbrushed for the ads, confirming Dove's commitment to widen the definition of beauty for women and in celebration of curves and confidence.

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