Magic Tan Put the Magic Back in your life all year round

Magic Tan Put the Magic Back in your life all year round
Paris Hilton has it, Brad Pitt has perfected it and Paula Abdul doesn't even have to leave her home to get it. What is it? It's the most magical experience ever.... MagicTan®.

Perfecting the ultimate tan is a serious art that involves time and commitment so let's get serious about tanning and avoid unsightly streaks and orange patches. 'Faking it' is the way to go any time of year and MagicTan® has the perfect timeline to show you how...

MagicTan® offers a range of options for you to achieve that flawless golden brown tan without the risks associated with exposure to UV-rays. From their automated spray-tanning booths (available at over 60 salons across Australia) to the superb range of take home sunless tanning and beauty products, MagicTan® has it covered.

Wave your magic wand to get an immaculate tan by following the MagicTan® 7-step process. Ensure an all-over natural glow that'll trick your friends into thinking you've just stepped off a Caribbean beach.

Step 1:
Magic Tan® Pineapple Exfoliant RRP $29.90 this unique dual-system exfoliant prepares the skin for self-tanning. Weekly exfoliation with this blend of acid free, abrasion free, fruit enzyme Bromelain, in combination with thousands of micro-fine pearlised exfoliating beads, gently and thoroughly exfoliate and polish to provide the most natural and radiant looking skin. Did you know that most commercially available exfoliants contain natural oils which actually inhibit the tanning process?

Step 2:
MagicTan® Sunless Prep RRP $34.00 Aloe Vera based skin conditioner that prepares the skin to best accept the MagicTan® Self-Tanning Solution. Sunless Prep is formulated with special skin conditioners and topical humectants that help super-hydrate skin cells and improve the effective absorption of the Self-Tanning Solution. A balanced pH formulation works in combination with Witch Hazel extracts to help 'level' skin pH and neutralise surface oils to allow your skin to absorb all that good tanning solution. The pH balance of your skin is crucial to getting the ultimate MagicTan and factors such as the time of the month and even the foods you have eaten or drugs you have consumed can affect the pH balance and therefore the quality of your sunless tan.

Step 3:
MagicTan® Aerosol Self-Tanning System RRP $39.90 delivers unmatched convenience and the ultimate tanning results. Enriched with special skin conditioners and humectants, each clear spray develops into an even, natural-looking golden bronze tan. The MagicTan® Aerosol is the most unique patent pending self tanning product on the market today, all the benefits of a MagicTan® session but with the convenience of a can. For best results spray lightly and see how the colour develops in 12 hours. Repeat until you reach the tan you desire and keep the tan by topping up with a light spray every 2 - 3 days. Best of all you can use it anywhere as the clear spray will not mess up your house!

Step 4:
MagicTan® Body Wash RRP $24.90 is a soap-free shower alternative that will not irritate or dry the skin like soaps or harsh cleansers. Formulated with the Sunless Tanner in mind, this Skin Defining wash leaves your skin soft, smooth and most importantly, well hydrated. Your MagicTan® will last longer and fade more evenly than ever before. It's a difference you can see and feel.

Step 5:
MagicTan® Extend Hydration Emulsion RRP $29.90 is formulated using small amounts of the MagicTan® bronzing complex, Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose. This proprietary blend of natural skin soothing botanicals, moisture replacing essential oils and skin defining antioxidants, MagicTan® Extend provides your skin with the ultimate natural hydration necessary to extend the life of your MagicTan®.

Step 6:
MagicTan® Touch Up RRP $29.90 this bronzing touch-up spray is the essence of the MagicTan® experience in a light touch spray form. Makes touching up faces, feet or any part of the body a cinch.

Step 7:
MagicTan® Tan removing cloth RRP $7.50 little too much Magic? This specially developed cloth removes any dark patches from the application of any cosmetic tan. Non-abrasive - watch as your dark patches fade like magic! Cloth can be used up to 50 times - simply pop in the washing machine after use

Magical tips to get the perfect tan; Remove your jewellery; shower & exfoliate, don't apply deodorant, creams, perfumes or lotions; wear loose fitting cotton clothes, preferably not white and wear sandals.

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