Madiggan Plush Range

Madiggan Plush Range
Its no ordinary collection of body care products, because it combines delectable skin nutrition, elegant home d├ęcor and jewellery keepsakes - at an affordable, all-in-one price.

Sophisticated and urbane, the Plush range represents a new age in indulgence. It stands in a class above the rest with its curved bottles, quality ingredients, delicious fragrances and designer jewellery add-ons.

Each bottle is adorned with either a bejewelled necklace or bracelet, showcasing lilac and amethyst or rose and scarlet coloured crystals. The range is available in two fragrances lines, Rose and Lavender.

Madiggans Plush Rose range features intensifying tones of rose petal amidst a floral bouquet, which includes a hint of Iris and Citrus. Discreet notes of Spice, Cedar and Musk lay within Madiggans Plush Lavender's rare, wild French lavender aroma.

200ml Glass bottle of Moisture Rich Body Butter - $24.9550ml Glass Bottle of Two-Phase Bath Oil - $19.95100ml Glass Bottle of Luxuriating Body Lotion - $24.95200ml Glass Bottle of Effervescent Bubble Bath - $29.95100ml Glass Bottle of Opulent Bath Caviar - $15.95