St Tropez Tanning Essentials; Maintain your Golden Bronze Glow!

St Tropez Tanning Essentials; Maintain your Golden Bronze Glow!

Celebrities and Make-up artists worldwide love St Tropez not only for its perfect bronze glow but also for its deep, long lasting tan. Youve read all the tips and tricks, used your St Tropez Self-Tan Remover and have finally perfected that golden bronze colour for yourself. Now that you have the colour youve always dreamt of, heres how to keep it for as long as possible...

When and how often should I moisturise?
* Use St Tropez Moisturiser a day or two before you tan to increase the natural melanin production in your skin - St Tropezs L-Tyrosine Body Moisturiser is the only one containing L-Tyrosine (an amino acid that enables the melanin in the skin to increase), which means your tan is as natural and as deep as possible.
* After Tanning, moisturise after your first shower and continue to moisturise daily. This will ensure that your top layer of skin cells stays as plum as possible allowing you to last as long as possible. Moisturisation also ensures that these cells will flake away more evenly ensuring an even fade.

Should I exfoliate every day?
No, exfoliation gets rid of skin cells and because a self-tan only tans the top layers of the skin you dont want to exfoliate too much except the day before or the same day as your tan application. St Tropez recommends a light exfoliating every 2 - 3 days, which will ensure an even fade.

Is there anything I need to avoid?
To ensure you get the maximum time out of your tan avoid chlorine and prolonged periods in water. Both of these affect the top layers of your skin and can cause your tan to fade prematurely or unevenly.

Which St Tropez product do I use for the deepest colour?
Deepest Colour: St Tropez Auto Bronzante
Medium Colour: St Tropez Bronzing Mist or NEW! St Tropez Aero Bronze
Light Colour: St Tropez Whipped Bronze

This is a general guide only and because St Tropez works with your skins own melanin the result you achieve with St Tropez is an individual result for you. With use of the St Tropez Body Moisturiser with L-Tyrosine a deeper colour can be achieved using any of the products and the St Tropez Auto Bronzante can also be mixed with the Body Moisturiser for a custom blended shade designed just for you!

St Tropez 120ml Self Tanning Products RRP: $39.95
St Tropez 240ml Self Tanning Products RRP: $59.95

Tanning Tips

DO Apply self-tan from the feet and work your way up, applying to your back before your front for best results. Finish each body part before moving on to the next and allow to dry completely before dressing. Apply St Tropez L-Tyrosine Moisturiser to dry areas (toes, heels, ankles, knees & elbows) & hairline and brows for fair haired people.

DONT Body Polish your skin for at least 2 days after applying St Tropez tans. Body polish should only be done about once every 3 days to ensure an even fade.

DO Remove all jewellery and use the palm of your hand to apply self-tan rather than your fingertips to avoid streaking. Always apply with circular motions, by doing so you will reduce the chance of streaks and uneven results.

DONT Apply fake tan straight after a shower - your pores are open and your skin is too warm. If you must self-tan after a shower remember to finish your shower with a cold rinse to close the pores and cool the skin.

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