Love and Other U-Turns

Love and Other U-Turns

Love and Other U-Turns

This is a true story about what happens when you follow your heart.
It's for those amongst us who still believe we might find the man of our dreams.
And this is a warning: Hold onto your GHDs ladies, because the thing about dreams is, you may not know they're coming true until your life takes a sudden turn for the surreal.

Louisa Deasey is a freelance writer. She likes a good glass of wine and a civilised conversation. She likes classical music, having a clean and extensive wardrobe and living in the city.

You may know her writing, you may even have commissioned an article or two.
She specialises in health and beauty, lifestyle and fashion… glossy subjects for glossy people who read glossy magazines.

You may not know though, that for over a year, while she was filling pieces on shoes, handbags, lipsticks and hair, she was in fact living from the back seat of a beat-up Mazda travelling through the smallest towns, dirtiest roads and roughest roadhouses of Australia.

While tapping away about pastel silks in the spring collections she was herself wearing the one dusty and unwashed pair of jeans in her possession.

You see, Louisa had fallen in love with and run away with 'Australia's Crudest Comedian', Jimbo of 'I F****ed a Goat' fame.
You may have seen his work…?

A stranger coupling on paper there has never been, but let Louisa pop you into the backseat of their jam-packed car and woo you with the perfection of the odd yet beautiful romance. Join our latte-loving fashion columnist slash career woman as she turns her back on all things familiar and glamorous to cruise around the Australian outback with a bloke who tells fart jokes for a living.

Part love story and part exploration of the balance between security and freedom; but mostly a laughter-filled memoir proving that love is blind and simply the best reason to do anything.

Louisa Deasey is one of Australia's leading freelance journalists in the lifestyle arena. In seven years of freelancing she has had over a thousand features, interviews and columns published in national newspapers and magazines, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Australian and the Daily Telegraph. Love and Other U-Turns is her first book.

Love and Other U-Turns
Allen and Unwin
Author: Louisa Deasey
ISBN: 9781742373416
Price: $32.99