Long Distance Relationships

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. We are very happy, but we live 3 hours away from each other.

He has just gotten into the Air Force and now he's very far away. It seems that the long distance has no end in sight.

It's stressing our relationship because we see each other every once and a while but it's only for short amounts of time.

Do you think it is right for me to move to him so that we can be together or wait for our lives to bring us together? It's like I know we will be together eventually. What do you think?

I could answer you better if I knew a few more facts such as your age, occupation, living arrangements etc because if you believe that you and this guy are destined to be together and you're in the practical and financial position to move to where he is, why not? But for instance, if you're a student or still living at home and are unable to get married as yet, then it would be wiser to wait. I can understand your impatience and desire to see more of him but you need to weigh up the whole picture before deciding.

I believe that we `decide' our lives as we go along but I also believe in not controlling everything, that some things are just meant to be. If that's the case for the two of you, then nothing will keep you apart in the long-term.

The Scottish have a good saying about this - `What is for you cannot passby you.' Trust this.

Good luck.

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