Too Shy

Q. What can a woman do when a man shows signs of interest but never takes it further? I have tried most things, such as smiling, going up and asking a questionor making a comment , looking back at him when he's looking at me, and so onbut I am not a teenager and wouldn't dream of asking a man out.

It would be easy to think it was all in my imagination had not other members of our group recently commented on his singling me out. He knows my name, my email address and phone number. He can think of a 'reason' to contact me if he is too shy to ask for a date. So why doesn't he?

I would appreciate your opinion - even though I have given up on this particular man - in case I meet others like him!

A. A man can be interested in a woman without necessarily wanting to pursueher for a romantic relationship. What people are seeing in his manner towards you may or not be that type of interest. Your feelings are clear to you but his may not be to him. Of course, shyness is the obvious conclusion.

I feel sorry for men and the way they have to do all the chasing. In this day and age, a girl most certainly can ask a man out without appearing pushy or aggressive. It's your choice but if you insist on taking a passive role, it might not serve you any better in the future.

It's best to keep an open mind in regard to relationships - when you meet a man who's more definite and more confident, it might then work out differently.

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