Lisa Curry's exercise, training and life tips

Lisa Curry's exercise, training and life tips
If you want a smaller butt - get off it!!
Learn to train like an athlete - not exercise like a girl!!
To the willing - nothing is difficult.
To trim down - Eat less, move more.
Eat more coloured fresh foods.
Have a positive attitude.
Hang around with like minded people.
Don't let others drag you down.
Be responsible for your own well being.
Depend on yourself to get the job done - don't rely on others.
Do something challenging, something you've never done before - only then will you realize you can do anything.
Drink alcohol in moderation.
Enjoy what you do.
Get plenty of sleep.
Laugh often.
Don't drink softdrinks.
Drink water or freshly squeezed juices.
Eat a small piece of good quality chocolate when ever you feel like it. (freddo size only)
Hug your kids.
Greet your husband like you greet your dog.
Be nice to people.
Compliment others.
Pat yourself on the back when you achieve the smallest feat. They all add up to make a huge difference.
Stop smoking

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