Kickstart My Heart

Kickstart My Heart

Kickstart My Heart

Romance in your thirties can be a hair-raising ride . . .

Lana Penrose thought her stint in hell was over. She'd fled Greece after the break-up of her marriage and arrived in London to open-armed friends and a great job in the music industry. But being suddenly single in your flirty thirties proves to be a bigger challenge than she'd ever imagined.

Strung out and messed up, she begins her quest to kickstart her heart in bars around London, and comes face-to-face with Russell Brand, a crack gigolo, Slash, a would-be Elvis impersonator, a death metal-maniac and a vampire. After a string of inappropriate encounters, playing air guitar to the beat of her biological clock, Lana discovers just she needs to tackle and bag that slippery little thing she wants more than anything else in this world: love.

Lana Penrose was born, bred and raised in western Sydney, Australia. Her various incarnations include record company promotions manager, music journalist, television producer and personal assistant to the pop elite.

At the time of writing, Lana alternates between Athens and Sydney and doesn't really know where she belongs in the world anymore. But she is still known to arrive home late at night and dance wildly to KISS in front of the mirror.

Kickstart My Heart
Author: Lana Penrose
ISBN: 9780670073290
RRP: $32.95



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