Joanne Xenidis

Joanne Xenidis

This time last year Aussie Greek actress and singer/songwriter, Joanne Xenidis was in Greece emersed in the culture, the history and the language. Now, signed to Jellyfish records she is about to embark on a National tour to promote her debut Greek pop single "Eimaste Mazi."

"Eimaste Mazi" is about fighting for what you believe in. In the context of the song it's about being there for the one you love. The song talks about dealing with the challenges and obstacles life throws your way to achieve your dreams. It highlights that following your heart and your truth is the only way to find your ultimate happiness. This can be in relationships, in your career or with life in general. The message behind the song is that with perseverance and persistence anything is possible.

"Eimaste Mazi" is the culmination of countless hours collaborating with Michael Stangel, an accomplished producer, musician and writer who is internationally recognised. He has also worked with The Veronicas, Melissa Tallon, Borne, Shannon Noll, Vanessa Amorossi, Human Nature, Sofie Monk, Tiffany Wood, and Mark Holden.

Joanne has also been an avid supporter of Greek community events and the highlights of her career to date include performing at the Antipodes Festival 2005, Nick Drimousis Concert 2005, ATHLOS Gala Night 2005, Greek Carols 2005 as well as most recently The Royal Children's Hospital (Greek) Good Friday Appeal 2006.

"Eimaste Mazi" is on sale now through all good Greek record stores nationally including Metropolis Music in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne and through the official Joanne Xenidis website

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