Gary Fields

Gary Fields

Aspirion Records Group artist Gary Fields is a standout among youthful crooners determined to make the Great American Songbook appealing for a new generation. Fields has a rich, confident voice he uses with taste and restraint. When you combine such great musicianship with a strong respect for lyric and melody, the result is a young performer of surprising maturity. His talent will satisfy the most discerning among music lovers.

For Gary's first commercial recording, SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, he chose some well loved tunes including Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh's The Best Is Yet To Come, and Delores Vickie Silvers' Learnin the Blues. Then Gary dug deeper into the thousands of overlooked songs which don't get their due. The collection is fresh and appealing for a worldwide multi-generational and multi-cultural audience.

"I love the sass of Bobby Darin, and that velvety tone that defined Mel Torme," says Gary. "Tony Bennett has raw power and that understated delivery. And naturally, I absorb anything and everything I can from Frank Sinatra." On SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, Gary displays the sound of an entertainer who studied the qualities of his idols, and created his own unique style, marked by attention to his own good instincts and the intentions of the composers.

"I feel a real lyrical and emotional connection to my music, says Gary Fields. "It's one thing to sing a great line and do some fancy vocal tricks, but there's something so much more moving in seeing a performer who truly connects with a song. My concentration is to let my emotion drive the performance. When that works, it's a powerful, cathartic experience for everyone. That's always my goal."

Gary was just three years old when he joined the choir, and he pursued every musical opportunity in school and the community throughout his youth and teenage years. He received a degree in Classical Vocal Performance from Belmont University in Nashville after studying music at La Scuola Lorenzo d'Medici in Florence, Italy. "I seriously studied music, and I studied SERIOUS music," Gary laughs, "and I have influences from Pavarotti to Jeff Buckley. It always comes down to lyric, melody and structure for me. I guess that's why I gravitate to more classic songwriters."

Gary Fields' goal is to build a career where he can make an honest and lasting impression. Although he admits most of his peers have tastes on a different end of the musical spectrum, Gary believes it's his destiny to encourage all listeners to stretch their musical boundaries. For youthful listeners, that means stimulating their interest in the classic sounds of the 20th Century. On SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, songwriters such as Altman and Lawrence, Cahn and De Paul, and Koehler and Bloom find a worthy showcase.

"Music can change your world in an instant, says Gary. " I want to lead others to open themselves up to the wonder and excitement that music, in all forms, can bring to life."

....and that... SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT!