Tips to Combat Obesity

Tips to Combat Obesity
Follow Fernwood Women's Health Clubs top tips that will help to combat excess weight gain and keep you feeling healthy and looking great all year round.

1. Achieve negative energy balance by expending more energy (via exercise and physical activity) than you are consuming from food. That may mean starting an exercise program and/or simply becoming more active in your day to day life. Combined with that, a reduction in energy (kilojoule) intake is important.

2. Eating too much of any food type (carbohydrate, protein, fat and alcohol) will result in weight gain. As fat is the most energy dense nutrient, the first step is to reduce fats found in food! For example reducing consumption of saturated fat found in butter, cheese, fries and most fast foods.

3. Reduce total sugar intake, especially concentrated sugars like soft drinks and sugar associated with fat, for example cakes and biscuits. Try alternatives like a low fat muffin, low fat smoothies, low fat yoghurt or a fruit platter. These will balance your blood sugar levels yet still satisfy the cravings.

4. Start the day with a good breakfast to kick start the metabolism, e.g. muesli, tub of yoghurt and a piece of fresh fruit.

5. Eat regularly (for example every three hours) during the day to keep the metabolism working efficiently and to prevent excessive hunger and over eating.

6. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Aim for two serves of fruit a day and three serves of vegetables as a minimum. Fruit and vegetables are low kilojoule and a great source of vitamins and minerals!

7. Balance meals with a small serve each of carbohydrates (about the size of a tennis ball), protein rich food the size of your palm, together with a large serve of fruit, vegetables or salad. The vegetables should fill the majority of the plate.


Fernwood's Get Gorgeous Countdown aims to empower 50 overweight women who want to establish a healthier and happier life. The challenge will help improve body image, self-esteem as well as reductions in weight and body measurements, whilst also coaching the women on healthy food and exercise habits they can continue to incorporate into their daily lives on an ongoing basis.

Ten overweight women will be selected in all five states (VIC, NSW, ACT, SA, QLD) to form a state team and participate in Fernwood's Get Gorgeous Countdown, incorporating Fernwood's Vitality Guarantee program - a 12 week journey with one-on-one consultations with a trainer and Slimplicity weight management coach.

At the conclusion of Fernwood's Get Gorgeous Countdown, one woman from each state team will also have the chance to win a complete make-over and 12 month Fernwood membership incorporating the Slimplicity weight management program.

Women across Australia can enter Fernwood's Get Gorgeous Countdown via the website at: Entries close at midnight on 20th February, 2006.