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Elton John News




Legendary performer Elton John will release the next single 'This Train Don't Stop There Anymore', taken from his stunning and highly acclaimed album, 'Songs From The West Coast'. 'This Train Don't Stop There Anymore' is the second single to be taken from Elton's newest album and is a simplistic and passionate tale of truths, pain and times gone by.

To accompany this modern classic Elton enlisted acclaimed art photographer and video director David LaChapelle (Moby's - Natural Blue) to turn the music into art and art into reality for the video that accompanies 'This Train...'. David LaChapelle and Elton created the concept of a nostalgic and moving journey, set in 'Elton world' during the Seventies. Set back-stage at a concert, the video is a poignant story of his wild, extroverted and extravagant life on the road, and follows Elton from dressing room to stage in a stunning video that is being dubbed 'pure art'. In a masterstroke for this exceptional video, Elton asked singing sensation Justin Timblerlake (of hugely successful band N'Sync) to play the lead role as himself.

The video was shot over two days at the famous Ambassador Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. Justin Timberlake studied videos and archive footage for weeks on end of Elton performing over the years to perfect the mannerisms and nuances that go together to make Elton John. And the effect is staggering... Justin Timberlake as you have NEVER seen him before! The world's make-up experts flew in to Miami and worked on transforming Justin into a lifelike version of Elton in all his Seventies rock n' roll splendour.

The video features 'visions' of several friends, acquaintances and close personal aides from times gone by, including Bernie Taupin, former manager John Reid (played superbly by Pee Wee Herman star Paul Rubens), Liza Minelli and Bianca Jagger, amongst others, and is set amidst spinning rooms of glitz, floral bouquets, over polished d├ęcor and suffocating entourage.

"You may not believe it, but I don't believe in miracles anymore".

Talking about 'This Train Don't Stop There Anymore' and the video Elton John said:

"It's just piano, bass and drums and orchestra -- very simple. The album starts with piano and ends with it. I think 'Songs From The West Coast' is one of the best albums I've made. I'm proud and was very nervous about it coming out because I like it so much. The video to 'This Train...' is absolutely stunning; I am so knocked out by how it came out, Justin looks amazing and it takes me right back to the Seventies. David LaChapelle is a genius!"

'This Train Don't Stop There Anymore' will be released in Australia in February. 'Songs From The West Coast is out now.

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