Dirty Weekend romantic holidays to improve you intimacy

Dirty Weekend romantic holidays to improve you intimacy

Dirty Weekend is about celebrating romance and sexy fun. Whether its an intimate romantic interlude, or a hens night, youll find what youre looking for at the Dirty Weekend Shop, or if you're looking for a romantic weekend away from home, the Dirty Weekend Accommodation Directory.

The Dirty Weekend Shop provides a discreet and safe environment for women of all ages and backgrounds to shop in privacy for products to improve their romantic life. The sites have been developed for women, by women, the colour scheme of the shop included - its pink! You won't find any online titillation or any pictures of naked women with unrealistic bodies at Dirty Weekend. It represents what women are - fun, colourful, sensual, romantic and sexy!

You'll find a loads of products for romance and all things sensual, games for groups and games for couples. A great range of undies for girls and guys (some of the guys undies are hilarious) as well as Pasties nipple covers, the perfect thing to make you feel covered even under the most transparent of clothes.

We also have a large range of products for hens nights and a fabulous range of pampering products, if its sensual, if its romantic, if it's sexy, its at Dirty Weekend.

The shop is also offering an added bonus, their own flavour of shopping reward points, Raunchy Rewards, that you can earn with every purchase you make, including 50 free points just for creating an account.

A perfect weekend with that special person need not become a planning nightmare, with the Dirty Weekend Accommodation Directory, a new internet service specialising in Australian romantic getaways. The Dirty Weekend Accommodation Directory is the place to find your weekend, or midweek, time away with the girls or with a guy with a growing range of venues who cater to providing you with fabulous accommodation for your Dirty Weekend.

www.dirtyweekendshop.com.au & www.dirtyweekend.com.au

Do I have a story to tell you! I found this great online shop called Dirty Weekend and went on a bit of a spree. I got a book, some bubble bath called Kinky Suds, a vibrating bath sponge and some other things to help get things going in the bedroom again and WOW, last night was amazing!!! I'd spent part of the afternoon reading the book, Hot Sex How To Do It, I figured it wouldnt hurt to give myself a quick refresher course.

When he got home I was ready for him. We did the whole dinner thing which included a couple of glasses of wine and then I went and filled the bath. I called him in and asked him to get in with me, which he did, surprisingly, maybe there wasnt any sports on tv. Whatever the reason I was very pleased.

When he was in the bath and had started to relax a bit I showed him the bubble bath bottle, how it came with a game for us to play. I went first and spun the arrow, it landed on Massage Feet which resulted in a very nice couple of minutes of foot massage for me. Then I passed the bottle to him and suggested that he have a turn. It landed on Nibble Earlobe, we were off to a good start.

After a while we outgrew the bath and made it as far as the bedroom still half wet and both of us hotter than wed been for some time. I had stashed some of my purchases in the bedside drawer earlier and watched his face as I reached for them. Surprise, excitement, and then steamy lust, it was the reaction I had hoped for.

I gently tied his hands to the bedposts with the silk seductions ties and then slowly learnt about using some of my new toys. He loved the soft whip, used for pleasure, not pain, and removing the chocolate body paint from his tied up and turned on body was pure sensual pleasure. It was a great start to the new lease on our sex life. I will definitely be going back to shop at the Dirty Weekend online Shop again soon. Oh, the vibrating bath sponge, I didnt tell him about that one yet, maybe I wont, maybe Ill just keep it as my own private bath toy, after all, bath time last night proved to be a very sensual experience, maybe it could always be that good...