The Corrs

The Corrs


Having burst onto the international music scene in 1996 with their seemingly perfect, molecular level combination of traditional celtic stylings and contemporary pop, THE CORRS offer a summary of their career hitherto.

They've shifted squillions of units and toured the globe infinite times spreading their heartwarming tales of love lost and found. The chart domination Jim, Andrea, Caroline and Sharon are accustomed to is set to skyrocket with this comprehensive compile which includes unplugged material and TWO NEW TRACKS!

The Corrs have never been a band to rest on their laurels and THE BEST OF THE CORRS doesn't merely summarise their remarkable story to date. It also unfolds the beginning of the next chapter in their incredible success with the enticing new single Would You Be Happier? and another equally striking new song, Make You Mine.

So there we have it. THE BEST OF THE CORRS. To date, at least. For there's plenty more still to come and it won't be long before they are no longer be able to fit all the hits neatly onto a single disc.

Track Listing
1 would you be happier
2 so young (k-klass remix)
3 runaway
4 breathless
5 radio (unplugged)
6 what can i do (tin tin out remix)
7 the right time
8 i never loved you anyway
9 irresistible
10 forgiven, not forgotten
11 lough erin shore (unplugged)
12 only when i sleep
13 love to love you
14 all the love in the world (remix)
15 everybody hurts (unplugged)
16 give me a reason
17 dreams
18 make you mine
19 lifting me (bonus track)

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