Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger
ARTFUL DODGER - It's All About The Stragglers

This release of "It's All About The Stragglers", is a single CD replacing the limited edition 2CD and is the first CD from the limited edition album. It features the summer hit 'Twentyfourseven', featuring Melanie Blatt and the Dream Team vs Artful Dodger 'It Ain't Enough'.


1) Think About Me
2) Re-Rewind (Radio Edit)
3) Outrageous
4) Please Don't Turn Me On (Radio Edit)
5) Twentyfourseven (featuring Mel Blatt)
6) Something
7) Movin' Too Fast
8) R U Ready
9) I Can't Give It Up
10) Woman Trouble (Radio Edit)
11) What You Gonna Do?
12) It Ain't Enough
13) We Should Get Together

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