Andi Lew National Singles Awareness Day Interview

Andi Lew National Singles Awareness Day Interview

Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.

Open your heart! You‟re about to let the love in with #instalovers - the newest way to flirt, find love or rekindle your flame!

Reading this book takes you on a Cupid Crusade to find better dates on your device, or simply spice up your relationship!

You‟ll be entertained at dating app stories, get inspired to 'match' with modern love, or discover how being on #teamsingle can actually be most fulfilling when you‟re in purpose filled alignment.

Best-selling author Andi Lew returns to her roots as Cupid where she began her career as host of 101.1FMs love songs and dedications show; The Long Kiss Goodnight, and then co-hosted CH9s Shopping For Love. As presenter turned author, Andi went under cover for four years, to research this new way of how we court on Apps. She's created a healthy digital dating movement with her 7th book - #instalovers - Digital Dating, DM Disasters and Love Stories.

Marketing Director at Tinder; Josh Metz wrote the foreword and explains, "Andi helps us to understand there is no longer a stigma associated with online dating, and that social media is now how we connect."

Divorce rates have grown. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2013 there were 47,638 divorces granted. "More and more singles are coming into the market, and it really is a market", Lew explains.

Social media dating is saving us time and money. According to the Dating Sites Review (DSR), "Couples who meet online tend to marry after a shorter period of time than couples who meet in real life, meaning that a courtship which begins via the Internet, ends up being thousands of dollars cheaper than meeting and wooing someone offline".

With a myriad of apps being used to connect and flirt, Andi helps us to learn dating "netiquette" & how to "weed out the weirdos". She has partnered with Moments Condoms; a vegan brand with a female skew, to empower women to take charge of their health.

She shares, "As a Certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness coach, I‟ve always taught nutrition, fitness, natural health, work/life balance and relationships. Throughout my career; one thing sticks: connectedness. My fans recently told me they miss the dating show and wanted more fun!"

"I went online and found people enjoyed the convenience and immediacy of behind the screen dating, sometimes expressing a desire for 'hook-ups', but are actually after a deeper connection. Since I'm all about prevention; when you decide to share your sacred space with someone; be protected and prepared."

The Moments team say: 37% of you said you've had unprotected sex in the last month*, so #nojudgement but that's A LOT of near misses. Why risk your health? We are proud to partner with Andi Lew and her healthy Cupid Crusade."

Digital dating has created a culture where everyone else wants to pick something casual as they wait for 'the one.' You'll be laughing one minute and gasping the next! Plus you won't want to miss her 10 new romance fuelling recipes. There's 'sexual chocolate', and gluten free treats filled with libido enhancing ingredients.

Fashion designer Sacha Plumbridge said, "Omg this cake tastes like sex!" after biting into the Keto Baked Cheesecake.

Josh Metz of Tinder concludes, "Andi shares her refreshingly honest, new and exciting way to communicate and behave properly online, but also remains true to some of the traditional means of finding your match!"

Be it fun flirting tips, digital dating do's and don'ts, Tinder tricks or turning matches into dates, you'll find it all in here, but it doesn't end at dating. Andi helps educate us on how to be the best version of ourselves too. Whether it's nutritional recipes or safety solutions, there is more to just perfecting your swipe game here. After all, everything is far easier once you learn to love yourself!

Andi's words express this ethos and are raw, refreshingly honest and completely on the pulse. Young people or older newly singles are finding that they have no idea how to navigate the seemingly complicated world of digital dating, but in this book, Andi makes it sound fun and easy. You'll learn how to market yourself online to others, or just read about others stories on how they found love.

If you're feeling unsure about dating behind the screen, or want to spice up your relationship by enjoying the stories of other experiences, I highly recommend this book. Swipe right, read on!

Interview with Andi Lew

Question: What is National Singles Awareness Day?

Andi Lew: I'm campaigning for February 14th to be known as National Singles Awareness Day; a day that allows us as a Nation to be aware that those who aren't in relationships on Valentine's Day feel very anxious, excluded or alone.

I'm empowering singles to understand that being on #teamsingle is okay. We need to love when you're ready, not when you're lonely!

Question: What do you hope to achieve from the National Singles Awareness Day campaign?

Andi Lew: That we are mindful of how it may lessen the pressure single people feel to have to be in a relationship.

Question: Why do you want National Singles Awareness Day to replace Valentine's Day?

Andi Lew: I think it is fine that we celebrate those who choose to be single too or if they don't have a choice, that they too can be celebrated. We need to start celebrating #selflove and respect for ourselves and others.

Why should we have a day only for those who are in partnerships? Why can't we celebrate healthy feelings around being single, divorced, separated or widowed?

Question: What are your thoughts on dating apps, especially on Valentine's Day?

Andi Lew: Be careful around having a tinker or sliding into someone's DM. There will be a lot of desperation and sadness on the day. Make sure you're feeling good about yourself before you put yourself on the shelf and ascertain how others might feel too.

You can also have fun flirting on this day, but be safe!

Question: Can you share your National Singles Awareness Day steps?

Andi Lew: Step 1. Know how to block someone on all platforms before entering any sites or making any calls.
Step 2. Know your boundaries and learn to love yourself with self-respect.
Step 3. Focus on what you can offer a potential partner.
Step 4. Have fun safe flirting by asking for other social media!
Step 5. Learn how to turn texts into dates within a week
Step 6. Always meet in a public place
Step 7. If you do decide to share your sacred space with someone: be protected and prepared!

Question: What inspired you to write #instalovers?

Andi Lew: I started researching four years ago when dating apps began and realised there were so many around but nobody was teaching us the right 'netiquette'. I too was newly divorced and had friends who didn't know how to even begin to navigate their way through it.

I felt compelled to help others find success in finding love the modern way. I also used to host a CH9 dating show called Shopping For Love and my fans and readers wanted a return of me as Cupid!

Question: What do you hope readers take from #instalovers?

Andi Lew: Flirting is fun and really healthy; I've had married couples read it and say they're now having better romance!

How to turn texts into dates, how to weed out the weirdoes, when to turn the match into a call, how to be healthier in yourself so that you can be better for your partner.

If you decide to share your sacred space with someone; be protected and prepared. That's why I partnered with Moments: a vegan condom brand. 37% Australians are reported to having unprotected sex. That's a lot of near misses!

Question: What's next, for you?

Andi Lew: I'm turning this book into a show!
I'm fresh back from my press tour in LA and have had loads of interest. Next is the NY press tour and perhaps the UK!
PA's apply within! Cupid needs help firing her arrow everywhere!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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