Amanda Bisk Blackmores 'Be A Well Being' Yoga Festival Interview

Amanda Bisk Blackmores 'Be A Well Being' Yoga Festival Interview

Amanda Bisk Blackmores 'Be A Well Being' Yoga Festival Interview


More than 300 yogis will get stretch their limbs on Bondi Beach for the first-ever Blackmores Yoga on Saturday, March 28.


Celebrity yoga instructors, Amanda Bisk and Kate Kendall will lead a free mass yoga class for 300 yogis right on the sand.


As part of the Be a Well Being project, Blackmores Yoga is Blackmores' first-ever yoga and wellness event of its kind.


David Fenlon, Blackmores Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, said Blackmores Yoga is aimed at providing regular mind and body wellness for Australians to supplement their lifestyle.


"Blackmores Yoga is all about helping Australians find ways to lead a more holistic life.  Most people want to achieve wellbeing but they just don't know how," Fenlon said.

"We've enlisted two super-star yoga gurus to lead 300 yogis in a spectacular mass yoga event."


The Blackmores Yoga & Well Being Event on Bondi marks the inaugural Blackmores Yoga initiative which will roll out across Australia, through five states and more than 60 events during 2015/16.


Blackmores Yoga & Well Being Event 

Date:  Saturday, March 28 2015

Time:  8:00am - 9:00am


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Interview with Amanda Bisk


Question: What is the Blackmores 'Be A Well Being' Yoga Festival?

Amanda Bisk: Blackmores are launching a free mass yoga event for 300+ people on Bondi Beach next Saturday (28th of March) and both myself and Kate Kendall are going to be taking the class together. There will also be small 30 minute master classes after the event where we can teach small groups more in depth techniques.

This event is the launch of Blackmores 'Be a Well Being' yoga which will roll out nationally around the country throughout the year.

Question: How does it feel to be a special guest at this event?

Amanda Bisk: I actually can't wait! It's going to be such a fantastic day to share with everyone. I feel so blessed to be able to guide so many people through some beautiful yoga flow and right on the beach! My favourite place for yoga!

Question: What should attendees expect from the vent?

Amanda Bisk: A nice morning of yoga in one of the prettiest places in Australia. There will be over 300 people participating so it should be a pretty amazing vibe on the beach!

Question: What does well-being mean to you?

Amanda Bisk: Well-being to me means understanding your body and loving it for all the amazing things it can do. A variety of exercise, a nurturing environment and good food- the perfect balance.

Question: Can you please provide your top tips for living a healthier life?

Amanda Bisk: Find your why. Why do you want to live a healthy life? Is it to give yourself a healthy body, a relaxed and stress free mind, to set an example for your kids, to run 10km without stopping? It can be anything. Once you find your why, write it down somewhere you can see it every day. It will be your reminder, your motivation to think of the bigger picture and why you started your healthy living journey.

Question: You have an amazing Instagram following – how does it feel to motivate women on a daily basis, with your posts?

Amanda Bisk: It is very surreal. Everyday I recieve so many wonderful messages and comments. It really makes me so happy to see others decide to make a healthy change, try an exercise, recipe or even yoga for the first time because of something I have posted or mentioned.

I love connecting with my followers, answering questions, writing comments to them or looking at their fitness posts! When I get the chance to meet them in person or someone stops me on the street and tells me they follow me, I still can't believe it! They follow ME! It's the best feeling speaking with them and getting to know them! They are my biggest inspiration. They motivate me every day to get up and make the best of life. I love you guys!!

Question: Can you talk us through your journey towards yoga?

Amanda Bisk: My yoga journey started four years ago. I was an elite athlete, training for pole vault twice a day, everyday. I returned from competing at the Commonwealth games in Delhi in October 2010, ready to get back into training for the Olympic Games in London. Something wasn't right however, I was struggling with symptoms that eventually were diagnosed as Chronic fatigue in 2011. I couldn't train and barely had energy to make it through a day. I decided to retire so I could give my body a chance to recover.

After six months of seeing doctors and specialists I was prescribed with anti depressants. I didn't want to rely on medication to fix me (with all the side effects!). I decided to take action and heal myself. I focussed on learning about nutrition, eating good food, and incorporating stress relief techniques. I felt I was ready to test gentle exercise as part of my recovery, something that would give me purpose and a challenge (mentally more than physically).

I found yoga. I started incorporating it into my life, everyday adding a little more challenge into my home practice and going to a few local classes and trying different types of yoga. It helped me at one of the most difficult stages of my life, it was my time to tune in and understand my body and was a huge part of helping with stress, fatigue and recovery.

Last year I completed my yoga teacher training and now I am able to share all the amazing things yoga has given me with others. Seeing people try yoga for the first time and absolutely loving it is the best feeling!

Question: How did this change your life and the symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Amanda Bisk: Yoga is my opportunity to clear the mind and just focus on the present moment. It is the perfect way to slow things down, put everything into perspective and do something wonderful for my body. As an athlete, you develop a mindset where you always have to be looking to the future, working hard, challenging yourself to do it better, and demanding perfection. Yoga gives me the chance to just be. No expectation, no demands, just my body and mind free to do and feel whatever feels good!

Question: Can you talk us through your daily diet?

Amanda Bisk: I don't follow any specific diet. I believe in balance and eating from all food groups, in sensible portions (especially lots of fresh fruit and vegetables). I am also a huge believer of the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat healthy fresh food and 20% I allow a treat and some leniency. Food is there is be enjoyed after all! It is a huge part of our culture. It is so important to build a positive relationship with our diet.

An example day worth of food:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices of multigrain toast, avocado and spinach on the side. And my morning coffee! Long black with a dash of soy (I love the taste of soy milk) or soy ice latte if it's hot.

Lunch: tuna salad (usually spinach & other greens, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, beans, spring onion, pickles, balsamic glaze, squeeze of lemon, then tuna & crushed nuts on top) then some brown rice/quinoa on the side or mixed in. A coconut water.

Snack: fruit or some veg sticks with peanut butter or a smoothie.

Dinner: Home made veg stir fry. Lots of veg, egg, noodles.

Dessert: fruit plate and a couple pieces of dark chocolate (I love dark chocolate with roasted nuts at the moment!!)

Question: How often does pole-vault or other high intensity exercise feature in your week?

Amanda Bisk: I'm not training for pole vault at the moment but I do love sprint training and plyometrics (like hops, bounds and jumps). I do high intensity training 3-4 times new a week, yoga everyday (even if it's just 15min), I love walks along the coast (usually 3x a week), tennis once a week and something fun like aerial yoga/ a workout with my friend/boyfriend once a week. I love mixing it up! My training changes a lot throughout the year.

Sunday is usually my rest day (just gentle stretching or yoga)

Question: Which of the yoga poses, is your favourite?

Amanda Bisk: I really like the Forward Fold (Uttansana) and the Bow Pose (Dhanurasana).

The forward fold is a great posture to calm the brain and relieve stress. A Forward fold promotes more blood flow to the brain, stimulates the liver & kidneys, as well as releasing tension from the lower back and hamstrings. A great way to start your day fresh and ready to go!

My tip is to focus on folding from the hips and trying to pull your belly button to your thighs. Let your head relax and feel like the crown of your head is being pulled down to the ground.

The Bow Pose is an invigorating and energising posture. It stimulates the entire body, improves digestion, increases circulation, opens the chest & lungs, realigns the spine & releases the whole front of the body(quads, hips, abdominals, shoulders, neck). It is my favourite posture at the moment!

Grip the inside of your ankles/feet (thumbs pointing up). Kick feet into your hands nice and hard (use pressure/strength from your legs to lift you up). Open your chest and shoulder, lift head slightly. Remember to breath!

Interview by Brooke Hunter