Your Man By The Stars

Your Man By The Stars

Your Man By The Stars

Ever wondered what type of girl a Leo likes? What's the downside of dating a Capricorn? Find out with this fun guide from!

Aries - the Ram - March 21 to April 20

Why He's Hot: Mr Aries usually crackles with energy and enthusiasm. GI Joes were based on this guy! This Man's Man can't sit still and like to spend his weekends doing exhausting "manly" stuff like mountain biking, rock climbing, dirt bike racing etc - you get the picture - while the quieter Aries will belong to indoor climbing or cricket clubs. They love to be the first to do anything (with you) and like the idea of being a pioneer in some way. A fulfilled Aries is the leader in his industry as he is naturally highly competitive. He is likely to have a very good physique from all this activity.

Why He's Not: You'll be so charmed by his enthusiasm and boundless energy for talking about himself that you might not realise he doesn't ask you one thing about you! Out to dinner with one? He'll wolf down his food like he's still in boarding school and probably say, "Can we go?" quite a bit. He'll wriggle in his seat at movies unless he's trying to feel up your shirt. Amazingly unaware about himself and others, he may have honestly no idea why previous relationships didn't work out.

Who He Likes: He is wildly attracted to Rock Chicks but also very feminine women who make him feel protective. Still, if you play a few mind games with him - for goodness sake, don't sleep with him the first night, or say "I love you" first, or it'll be over in seconds - and keep him guessing, you could be in a great chance! If you can also play tennis, basketball or love a good adrenalin rush, he'll melt. If you have a strong ego and can tell him to pull his head in, you'll be fine.

Taurus - the Bull - April 21 to May 21

Why He's Hot: Mr Taurus takes love seriously and likes to do all the traditional romantic stuff you'd thought ended in the 20th century - like bringing you flowers, chocolates and perfume, dancing close, holding hands and candlelight dinners. He is slow to fall in love but means it when he says it and is the type of guy who marries in his 20s as he hates the singles nightclub scene. He really does want the white picket fence, 2.3 kids and a luxury people-mover and has quietly summed you up at first meeting. Your mum will find him, solid, dependable and will like his willingness to help her fix things. He likes the good life, so you'll enjoy it too - eating out is one of his favourite pastimes.

Why He's Not: Mr Taurus is set in his ways and when he's older, won't want to go out (or you to go out either). He has "his" chair and hates it when you touch his stuff. He is very materialistic and judges people by their car, clothes, house, share portfolio. He distrusts new ideas and any which are metaphysical - if he can't touch, taste, smell, hear or see it, it doesn't exist. He likes to do the same stuff again and again - whether this is his favourite sexual position (did I mention he has an oral fixation?) or go to the same holiday spots, restaurants or bars, every years, for years.

Who He Likes: He likes ultra-feminine, sensual women who haven't had a million boyfriends (yes, they'll quietly quiz you) and who are prepared to wait for Mr Right. The saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" was written about a Taurus so it really helps if you can cook up a storm. Taurean men are a sucker for a woman with a beautiful speaking voice who smells nice, wears natural fabrics eg cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, and who, of course, can cook - preferably nothing weird or too spicy.

Gemini - the Twins - May 22 to June 21

Why He's Hot: Mr Gemini is so funny you'll come home with an aching jaw from laughing so hard. He truly is one of the mot entertaining men around. Even a trip to the supermarket can be fun. He is witty, charming and full of the most interesting tales (tall or otherwise) so you will simply never be bored. He has a whole range of interests and a huge bunch of friends and is always up for going out. Mr Gemini will text and email you amusing messages throughout the day to romance you and may leave cute messages on the fridge or the bathroom mirror to say hello long after you've been married.

Why He's Not: He knows lots of people, but few of them particularly well and is likely to have changed jobs a lot. This Peter Pan loathes routine and is seriously afraid of settling down until he is in his late 30s or even older and will only do so once all his mates have tied the knot and left him with no playmates for the weekend. He is super-charming as I mentioned so he finds it extraordinarily easy to be unfaithful as most women aren't used to a man paying them so much attention.

Who He Likes: You really need to give this guy a run for his money - and then never let him feel entirely secure that you're his. He likes wise-cracking, funny, highly educated women who also have a variety of interests and who aren't looking to settle down. Shared mental interests are key here - he just loves it if you two can "get" each other. Funnily enough, Mr Gemini and his partner often look like brother and sister.

Cancer - the Crab - June 22 to July 23

Why He's Hot: Mr Cancer was born wanting to get married. If his friends have kids, Mr Cancer loves to play with them and will offer to carry them around like a substitute Dad, which is the role he's wanted all his life. He may have a few half-hearted affairs but he's really wife-shopping. He's devoted, emotional, if a little shy at first showing his feelings but he falls in love fast if he feels secure with you and will talk about moving in together surprisingly quickly.

Why He's Not: Mr Cancer is looking for something to mother him so you may be expected to make his lunch, cook his dinner, wash his shirts, clean his room - even if you don't live together! For all his feminine ways, he is surprisingly stubborn and will get a bee in his bonnet about things as if he suffers from PMT. If he decides to play the Dad role, you'll feel like a naughty teenager who's been caught out past curfew, instead of an adult woman. And expect to get compared to his mother Who Can Do No Wrong.

Who He Likes: If you can get on with his mother the first time he brings you (to her) home, you're halfway there. If she approves, you're in. Cancer men often go for women who have cuddly, bosomy figures made for mothering babies (and him) - he isn't typically attracted to athletic, bony career women! If you're cool about endless family dinners, holidays, Christmas, birthdays (his family's, of course), he will snap you up.

Leo - the Lion - July 24 to August 23

Why He's Hot: Mr Leo thinks of himself as an everyday movie star and acts accordingly. He'll dress well, knows all the right people, is getting ahead at work (if he's not already the boss) and knows how to look good. He is the classic romantic who falls in love with you across the crowded room and sweeps you off your feet. Going out with someone else? He'll pursue you until you fall for him! His love of romance means he'll be generous with his money and time to make you feel special. He'll understand your need for facials, mani/pedis, tanning salons, Brazilians etc and may even pay for them as a necessity once you're a couple.

Why He's Not: Mr Leo is in love with the reflection in his mirror. You of course have to look good at all times as this reflects on him so you will hear about it if you wear non-trendy clothing, put on a little weight or don't look like a grinning beauty queen at all times. He needs constant flattery and is in danger of being used by others who spot this weakness a mile off and simply apply a few clever compliments. He may see it as his right to flirt with attractive women - but oh boy, what a sulk he'll have if you try that trick to feel better about yourself.

Who He Likes: Rock Chicks, beauty queens or model-actress types are their favourite types. He likes stilettos, skimpy dresses, and tanned skin. However he doesn't like slutty so you can't reveal too much - it's a fine line. Secure Leo men will select an equally accomplished mate; less confident types will choose someone who depends on them. In any case, you two are supposed to be your group's Golden Couple.

Virgo - the Virgin - August 24 to September 23

Why He's Hot: Mr Virgo knows what he wants and will wait years for it (and you). He looks after himself healthwise and will be cool about you wanting to order the fat-free/carb-free/dairy-free meal when eating out and may even suggest a few dieting tricks that have worked for him. He pulls his weight around the house and is great at planning your holidays, home decorating and future together. He has a lovely, dry sense of humour and is thoughtful and kind. Your mum will know that he will look after you. Plus, he's practical - you'll never need to call a tradie to do stuff at home.

Why He's Not: He can be very fussy and nit-picky when in a bad mood so that nothing you do is right. He criticises everything about you, dislikes your friends and thinks you're wasting your time at that job. If you tend to feel paranoid about your body in some way, never let him know or he'll make nasty remarks about it in arguments for the rest of your relationship. He tends to be pretty stingy too so any presents he gives you will be useful ie like a new outfit for the gym, rather than pretty or romantic.

Who He Likes: If you beam good health - smooth clear skin, bright eyes, white teeth, a bit of muscle definition (rather like sizing up a horse), he notices. If you work for yourself, work hard or are working at something, he'll be interested. If you're trying to improve something or make a difference, he'll be intrigued. Surprisingly, if you're a Bridget Jones-style mess, he'll want to help you even more.

Libra - the Scales - September 24 to October 23

Why He's Hot: Mr Libra was born knowing all the wonderful things to say that melt your heart and your resistance. He is sweet, charming and gentle and even if he has no money, always knows how to look good. He is very popular and is always invited out because he makes a lovely guest who always brings something; he is also a wonderful host. He has great clothes sense and knows instinctively what colours, styles and textures suit you. Mr Libra is like having your very own Trinny and Susannah!

Why He's Not: While not quite vain in the same way as Mr Leo, Mr Libra expects to have all those compliments returned! He can get into financial problems by maxing out his credit card to keep up with the Joneses and can be a little shallow, worrying more about how to get in the social pages than politics, for example. He definitely has an eye for the ladies and knows immediately who fancies him so he can flirt with them for an ego boost. Any parties he holds are likely to be choccas with his exes - and since he hates to say goodbye to his exes....Fidelity is not his strong suit.

Who He Likes: Mr Libra is ruled by Venus, like Mr Taurus, so women who look, smell, taste, feel and sound good are therefore, wonderful! But while Mr Taurus likes a little extra umm, beef on his women, Mr Libra prefers a somewhat slimmer look. If you look like Grace Kelly, you're in. Ah, not to put too fine a point on it, but as long as you look good and sound good (they hate irritating voices), Libran men don't care if you're not that educated - just as long as you look good and SEEM as though you are.

Scorpio - the Scorpion - October 24 to November 22

Why He's Hot: Well, what can I say? If you've ever received a direct gaze from Mr Scorpio, you'll never forget it. This man exudes sex and just knows instinctively how to get you turned on. He wants an undying love and wants to know if you're capable of such passion. Remember Persephone? She was kidnapped by God of the Underworld, Pluto and taken into his cave, ate the pomegranate seeds and was in danger of never getting back up to earth until her mother Demeter (the goddess of nature) begged Zeus to intervene. Well Pluto rules Scorpio. If he wants you, your single life is all over, red Rover.

Why He's Not: He is all or nothing - so you could feel utterly overwhelmed if it's "all" or painfully frozen out if it's just a flingy "nothing" or, over. If you're together and you've done something to annoy him, he will unfairly list everything else you've ever done to annoy him, therefore this list gets longer the longer you've been together. He doesn't play the social rules so if he doesn't like someone - even if it's your mum - he will ignore her or be outright rude to her. Did I mention jealous? Don't even dream about other men.

Who He Likes: For flings, he prefers someone who's breathing who will then go away without need for explanation. For something serious, he likes a woman he can't immediately work out. Mr Scorpio are extremely good at uncovering mysteries so if you can keep revealing a small string of secrets throughout your relationship that he's never got out of you you'll keep him intrigued. Oh, and a fondness for porn, sex toys and books never go astray.

Sagittarius - the Archer - November 23 to December 22

Why He's Hot: Mr Sagittarius will remind you of Indiana Jones, Errol Flynn and Captain Jack Sparrow all rolled into one. Lots of fun, this travel junkie will want to whisk you away for heaps of adventures. Rafting down the Amazon, trekking through Nepal and exploring the Middle East are major turn-ons for him as are long-ranging conversations about the Meaning of Life, religion, politics, law etc. He is hilarious, kind, generous to a fault and your friends will adore him. His lust for life is obvious. He is on everyone's party list as he's such good value.

Why He's Not: Ah, he really, really hates to settle down. Almost as restless as Mr Gemini, he hates "heavy" scenes and that "C" word. After blowing you away with his wild enthusiasm for everything and probably booking your next holiday together -he'll get severe cold feet. If he marries at all he'll either do it several times (the first time seemed like a fun idea) or not until he's 40-plus. You will have to hide his credit cards as money slips through his fingers like water. Umm, he is also really tactless and will loudly announce that you've put on a bit of weight to all around you.

Who He Likes: He likes women who are clever, educated, and have a fantastic sense of humour. His physical preference is pretty open (everyone has a chance) but he probably looks twice at German backpackers with their tiny shorts, tanned legs and climbing boots. If you just need a cheer-up relationship - not a husband - this is your guy. If he then feels you're not trying to tie him down, he may have a brain-fade and propose. Mr Sagittarius is one of the signs most likely to stick his kids in boarding school so he can continue his travel addiction.

Capricorn - the Goat - December 23 to January 20

Why He's Hot: Mr Capricorn flirts in a very elegant way. If he's serious you'll know it: he's decided you're worthy of being taken home to meet his parents. While he has his flings, he's really looking to create a foundation, so he wants a woman he can be a pillar of society with. He works very hard and is often the most successful guy in your group of friends. For all his cool exterior, he is a randy man but he won't ambush you until you're home - he hates public displays of affection. However he does tend to buy you rather good stuff for your birthday - he knows labels and knows value. If you're with him, he'll help you look good.

Why He's Not: He can be one of the stingiest men around so that mysteriously you end up paying for the date - again. His workaholic tendencies, which you might admire when you're dating, will prove upsetting and lonely once you're married. You are expected to set an example so you'll get a cold reception if you misbehave in public. Mr Capricorn can seem like a middle-aged (or even old aged) man in a young man's body - he is fuddy-duddy on a good day and incredibly dismissive of people with alternative lifestyles and/or no money. He can also be a very suave user.

Who He Likes: You're the career chick who has blasted up the ladder in record time while undertaking a MBA and volunteering for a high-profile worthy charity as you maintain a supermodel physique. No, you don't have to be Angelina Jolie (come to think of it, Brad Pitt has a LOT of planets in Capricorn even though he's a Sagittarius) but you wear classic, well-cut clothes and always look lady-like.

Aquarius - the Water Bearer - January 21 to February 19

Why He's Hot: Mr Aquarius is a super-lovely, reasonable, friendly guy who won't give you the hard word about sleeping with him straightaway - as he really, honestly wants to get to know you as a friend first. He holds lots of surprises as he's multi-layered, multi-skilled and very intelligent. A real Sensitive New Age Guy who does believe in equality for women and fairness for humankind, he may support a cause to help other people - at the very least he will fix your DVD, leaky tap or car that's making strange noises. He will delight in mixing your friends - and he has heaps.

Why He's Not: He is curiously cool-hearted at best - he never seems to fall madly, passionately in love nor seem to demand or miss your company like most of the other signs would. No matter how many times he says he loves you it will never feel particularly "deep". You may get very annoyed how much he goes off helping other people and not spending time with you. If you crave intimacy, look elsewhere. Even jealousy games wouldn't work with him suggesting you should be with the other guy. If you break up, he'd be mortified if you didn't become "friends".

Who He Likes: He likes just about everyone but often ends up with the drama queen or the bubble-headed party girl - well, opposites attract. He does like brains however and if you belong to Greenpeace or have come from a foster family that's even better. He doesn't like narrow-minded conservative types so will run away if you wear pearls and twin-sets (even ironically). In the 60s he probably would have chased a hippy; these days, you don't have to wear the tie-dye but those philosophies would help.

Pisces - the Fishes - February 20 to March 20

Why He's Hot: Mr Pisces is sweetness itself and able to anticipate your every need. He is a real home-body and home-maker, just like Mr Cancer, and longs to have a couple of rugrats. He is psychic, incredibly sensitive and can just about read your mind. He is emotional and sensual and views sex as rather sacred where your souls merge so he's unlikely to be very promiscuous. When you come home, he'll happily rub your feet, pour you a glass of wine and settle in to hear about your day. Unless he has some Aries planets he won't be interested in climbing the corporate ladder that much and just works to get paid so he can spend time with you.

Why He's Not: Mr Pisces is not usually the most ambitious man and if that's what you need, stay away. He needs a good kick up the bum to get motivated at the best of times. While the cocooning is great, someone needs to earn a living (which is a conversation you must have before you have kids, as he'll want to chuck in his job to stay at home with them - watch out if you have traditional roles in mind). His sensitivity can make him a hyperchondriac who takes to his bed and he can also have a big problem with alcohol or drugs as he wants to escape reality so much. If you're an active, achieving woman, he can really sap your energy.

Who He Likes: He likes kind women who remind him of his mother (yes, he is very like Mr Cancer), who can cook and fuss after him. If you want to settle down, and have more than a passing interest in New Age stuff, this is your guy. If you also have a lot of money or a great-paying job, and want to have kids, he'll be one of the few signs to put his hand up to be a stay-at-home Dad.


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