Writing Family History Made Very Easy

Writing Family History Made Very Easy

A practical guide to writing family history, designed especially for family historians and inexperienced writers.

You've done the research but now it's time to write it all into a fascinating history that will do your family's story justice.

Researching family trees and genealogies has never been more popular, and there are many courses, books and websites to assist the amateur researcher. The problem is, while family historians are enthusiastic and skilled researchers, most are not trained or confident writers, and the task of writing their family history may seem overwhelming.

This book offers practical and straightforward advice to help you write your family story in an interesting and accessible way. A no-nonsense guide for the beginner, this simple step-by-step approach to writing family history will prove invaluable to family historians, genealogical organisations, local and community historians, students of writing programs, teachers of writing, and libraries.

Dr Noeline Kyle has used her extensive knowledge and expertise on family history research and writing to develop and facilitate writing support groups for family historians. She has also published her ideas in newspapers, community journals, popular books and bulletins, and is the author of several books including The Family History Writing Book and We Should've Listened to Grandma: Women and Family History.

About the Author:
Noeline Kyle has published widely in the fields of women's history, education and family history. She presents seminars on local and family history research and writing to community groups, family historians, local historians, and writing groups. She is currently teaching family history writing courses within the continuing education program at the University of Sydney, the NSW Writers' Centre and to local and family history societies Australia wide.

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ISBN: 9781741750621
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