The Winter House

The Winter House

The Winter House

From the bestselling author of the Nicci French thrillers comes a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of life, love, family and friendship.

When Marnie receives a phone call that summons her to the side of a once-belovered friend, she is wrenched from her orderly London life and sent back into a past from which she has fled but never escaped.

Ralph, Marnie and Oliver once knew each other well and are still inextricably bound by ties of love and betrayal. Now, they meet again in Ralph's secluded cottage in the Scottish highlands to spend the precious days that Ralph has left with one another. It is nearly Christmas; outside it is icy and dark, and inside time is running out.

As they talk and share memoires, Marnie is taken back to the summer all those years ago when everything changed between them, and heartbreak and desire broke up their little group. Will Ralph have the chance to say what needs to be said before it's too late? Can they come to terms with the devastating events of twenty years ago and rekindle the intimacy they once shared?

Heartbreaking and poignant, The Winter House is the compelling story of families and lives assembled from the broken remains of what has been lost.

'Beguiling, poignant, wonderful'- Sunday Express.

Nicci Gerrard writes for the Observer and is the co-author, with Sean French, of the bestselling Nicci French thrillers. She lives in Suffolk with her husband and four children. Her novels Things We Knew Were True, Solace and The Moment You Were Gone all received wide critical acclaim.

The Winter House
Penguin Australia
Author: Nicci Gerrard
Price: $24.95




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