Winter Body Blitz

Winter Body Blitz

Natural Health Company Launch Winter Body Blitz

The Natural Health Company are excited to announce the launch of their Winter Body Blitz, created in collaboration with Nutritionist Lisa Guy and Personal Trainer and creator of 6W2S (Six Weeks to Sexy), Blake Worrall-Thompson. The 6-week winter transformation program includes a Core Fitness Plan, Winter Meal Plan and a selection of Natural Health Company products and accessories to get you started on your weight loss or wellness journey.

Natural Health Company Nutritionist Lisa Guys says, "I've created a delicious and easy to make meal plan that includes winter warmer recipes made from seasonal produce. The meal plan includes recipes to get you from AM to PM and everything in between, including smoothies, snacks and even healthy sweet treats, healthy eating never looked so good."

Personal Trainer and Natural Health Company six-week Core Fitness Plan creator Blake Worrall- Thompson adds, "The workouts can all be done at home or outdoors, no gym membership required. Don't stress if you're just starting out, there are beginner and advanced options, so you can tailor the workouts to your level. We've also filmed a series of 'how to' videos for each exercise so you can check in and make sure your technique is on point, so you get you the best results across the six-week program."

The Winter Body Blitz Pack has $425 worth of value for only $199 and includes:
• Your choice of any two proteins (Body Shape Natural Thermogenic Protein, Diet Slim Natural Thermogenic Meal Replacement or Organic Fusion + Superfoods (vegan) Protein)
• Skinny Greens Superfood Detox powder
• Skinny Berries Superfood Detox powder
• Skinny Bean Natural Fat Burning Coffee 28 Pack (choose from Espresso, Mocha or Chino)
• Skinny Bean Natural Fat Burning Coffee Variety Pack
• Winter Meal Plan by Nutritionist Lisa Guy
• 6 Week Core Fitness Plan by Blake Worrall-Thompson
• 400ml Shaker Bottle
• Microfiber Sports Towel with zipper pocket
• Reusable Metro Coffee Cup
• Infuser Water Bottle
• Stopwatch
• $20 Gift Voucher for your next online purchase

About Natural Health Company:
Natural Health Company products are Australian made, natural or organic, gluten free, sweetened naturally and contain a range of weight loss ingredients, antioxidants and essentials. The range is designed to help consumers reach their weight loss goals faster and keep them feeling naturally
energised all day long.


Review: Getting your health on track doesn't have to make you hate food.  I actually love this Coffee and as a bonus it's helps me get into shape.