What to do When Your Baby is Crying

What to do When Your Baby is Crying

Many a frustrated parent would give almost anything at times to stop their baby from crying or even soothe and calm their baby's crying so they can get them to sleep.

The primary reason and theory for a baby crying, is to communicate needs and discomforts that require outside intervention. This stress mechanism of crying can allow children and babies to heal from the effects of a frustrating day, fearful moment for a difficult situation.

Here is a checklist and overview of some points to remember when trying to help your baby sleep and soothe their crying.
Is your baby hungry or thirsty?
Try a feeding your baby a bottle of warm milk or formula.

Is your baby too warm or too cold?
Make sure your baby's attire is appropriate for the weather.

Does your baby need a diaper change?
Check your baby's diaper for any sign of uncomfortable wetness.

Is your baby over tired or missed a regular nap?
Try rocking your baby to sleep.

Is it too dark in the room? Or too bright?
Try adjusting the light.

Does your baby feel scared or venerable?
Try making intentional eye contact with your baby.

Does your baby have symptoms of colic or need to be burped?
Try placing your baby over your shoulder and gently rubbing or patting your baby's back.

Is your baby teething?
Try a teething ring or chewable food.

Is your baby bored?
Try a game of peak-a-boo or read a story with enthusiasm.

Is your baby irritable?
Try singing your baby a song or going for a walk.