Did you know you can overheat babies in cooler months?

Did you know you can overheat babies in cooler months?

Did you know you can overheat babies in cooler months?

Reports have been released warning parents and caregivers to be extra careful during the cold winter months, especially when the flu and other infections thrive and the urge to bundle up babies extra warmly seems like the right thing to do. But all these things lead to overheating, which is said to increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Interview with Paige Jones

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Question: Is it possible for parents to overheat babies during winter?

Paige Jones: Yes, even in colder months it is possible to overheat babies! The temperature of the room, the number of layers parents use, and the types of materials parents clothe their babies in all contribute to a child's body temperature. Many parents tend to overheat and over bundle their babies during the cooler months, which is why it's so important to use a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Question: How can parents ensure that they do not overheat their baby, but still keep them snug and comfortable?

Paige Jones: The infant should be lightly clothed for sleep. aden + anais® 100% cotton muslin swaddles and sleeping bags are made from a finely-woven, breathable fabric, ideal for keeping baby snug and comfortable.

Question: What the optimum room temperature to avoid overheating is?

Paige Jones: A good temperature for infant sleep is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. Just as adults sleep better when the room is slightly cooler, the same is true for babies. While the room can be slightly warmer during the day, it is better to have it cooler at night, many pediatricians suggest. If you choose to use a heater in the baby's bedroom, ensure that you are able to monitor the room temperature to avoid overheating.
(Source: Parents.com official website)

Question: Can you please share your tips about how to keep babies comfortable and snug for a secure and safe night's sleep?

Paige Jones: Always lay your baby to sleep face up. Side and tummy positions are not safe.
Swaddling babies with aden + anais® swaddling wraps helps keep them on their backs for safer sleep.

Remove all loose bedding, stuffed animals, bumpers and pillows from crib.
Consider using a wearable blanket or other type of sleep sack instead of using a blanket.
Designed to be worn over pyjamas, a onesie, or nappy, aden + anais® sleeping bags help eliminate loose blankets in the cot.

Don't let your baby get too hot.
Overheating is a leading risk factor for SIDS.
Made of 100% cotton muslin, aden + anais® products breathe and allow a baby's body temperature to regulate naturally, helping to reduce the risk of overheating.

Put your baby on his or her tummy to play when your baby is awake and supervised.
'Tummy Time' is good for your baby because it makes neck and shoulder muscles stronger.
Due to their large size and excellent quality, aden + anais® swaddling wraps also make great tummy time blankets, among other alternative practical uses.

Question: How can parents ensure they are not increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?

Paige Jones: According to Dr. Bradley Thatch, a Washington University pediatrics professor and prominent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome researcher, swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS. Swaddling babies with aden + anais® swaddling wraps helps keep them on their backs for safer sleep and the breathable, lightweight muslin is the ideal material to help reduce the risk of overheating and ensure baby a safe, secure night's sleep.
(Source: Bradley Thatch, MD, 'Does Swaddling Decrease or Increase the Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,' The Journal of Pediatrics (June 2009): 461-462.)

It is also best to avoid laying your baby on a soft surface for sleep - a firm surface is better. Additionally, caregivers should avoid loose cot blankets. By using an aden + anais® muslin sleeping bag, you can create a safer sleep environment free of loose cot blankets.

For other safety tips, please visit the website of one of our partner organisations, the CJ Foundation for SIDS: www.cjsids.org

Question: What is a breathable muslin wrap?

Paige Jones: aden + anais® 100% cotton muslin swaddle wraps are made of a finely-woven, breathable fabric. Its delicate, light weave permits air to circulate around the baby's body, providing comfort and warmth without the worry that the baby may overheat in moderate weather.

Question: What other products do baby brand aden + anais suggest to ensure babies are healthy and warm?

Paige Jones: Muslin, the signature fabric of aden + anais®, is the ideal material for baby and toddler care products for its light, open weave and breathability. It is gentle on sensitive baby skin, and it gets softer with each wash. As a fabric that helps to keep baby warm while reducing the risk of overheating, aden + anais® firmly stands by muslin as the gentlest fabric parents can use to care for their children.

Our range of muslin products helps ensure your baby is warm while helping to reduce the risk of overheating. This range includes our single layer swaddles and sleep sacks, as well as our cozy collection, which features our double-layer swaddles and our four-layer sleep sacks designed for especially chilly months, drafty houses, and brisk walks. With both our classic and cozy collections to choose from, you can be sure aden + anais® offers the appropriate product for you and your baby, no matter what the temperature.

While aden + anais® has conducted research in order to create safe products, we are not a medical organisation. You should always speak to your pediatrician for medical advice.

Interview by Brooke Hunter