Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi
Vanessa Amorosi was destined for success it was simply a matter of how and when. Her upbringing wasn't exactly average she's always been around music and comes from a talented family. Both parents were professional singers/dancers working the Australasian theatre restaurant cabaret circuit - and as a result of her environment singing came before talking and when Vanessa did start to talk her parents recalled her making up words for her favourite songs on the radio. What was even more surprising to her proud parents was Vanessa's ability to create songs that were so heartfelt. "This talent was coming from a mere child which was almost unnatural." Vanessa's note-perfect pitch and emotional song writing ability echoed an emotional maturity that was well beyond her biological age.

Vanessa's professional singing/dancing career commenced at shopping centres and by the age of 14 she was snapped up as the main act for a Russian restaurant. After three years it was here that she met her date with destiny and was approached by Jack Strom, the producer of Red Faces on Hey Hey it's Saturday. Jack brought back he's business partner Mark Holden (70' teen idol popstar) who was equally impressed and signed Vanessa up to Marjac Promotions in 1998.

Armed with a lethal voice that is unmistakeably Vanessa's she is now preparing her forthcoming debut album and after the success of "Take a look" and "Absolutely Everybody" Vanessa is ready for hit No 3.

FM: Where did you grow up?

VA: Melbourne's Dandenong's

FM: You're now eighteen and already you've achieved a lot of success in the recording industry - do you feel that you were personally prepared for the effects of this success or fame?

VA: I don't think anybody is ever really ready, it's something that just happens and when it does you don't have much control over it.

FM: How did your "school mates" react to your recent success?

Well I have about 15 close friends that I can trust put it this way, success has made me realise who I can't trust. Which is okay because now I know who my friends are.

FM: Where do you think you would be now if Jack Strom (Vanessa's Manager and Mark Holden's business partner) hadn't discovered you in a Russian restaurant back in May 1997?

VA: The Army - I was so close to entering. The paperwork was done so I was ready to go, and then this opportunity came along.

FM: You were on tour with Kate Cebrano earlier on in your career. Are you personally a fan of Kate's?

VA: To be honest it was mainly my older family members who listened to Kate's music, but once I actually worked with her I realized what a great person and artist she is so I'm a fan now for sure.

FM: What Country is more important for you to achieve success in?

VA: Mmm I guess America but I'm really enjoying the success in Australia at least here I can keep an eye on what's happening first hand I'm in more control the thought of not knowing how I'm being received globally is a little weird.

FM: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

VA: I love getting out doors and especially going four wheel driving.

FM: How did it feel to perform in front of 110,000 spectators, 150 million worldwide at the Rugby League Grand Final?

VA: Ahh(sighs) look I just don't think about it when I'm singing I go into a trance, I'm totally absorbed in what I'm doing when I'm performing. It's more nerve racking in front of a smaller audience as they're closer and can really check you out.

FM: Vanessa, you have already recorded a lot of material so when is your debut album expected to be released?

VA: We're looking at about one to one and a half months away we are just finalizing the tracks now. So it should be out around the first week of April.

FM: What's the next single called?

VA: We are still deciding, although I can say it will be a song that really represents and sums up the meaning of the entire album.

VA: You have many Animals a Horse, frogs, birds, even hermit crabs and two dogs, who is your favourite?

I can't really say but I do have my Goose with me today, would you like to say Hello?

FM: Um, Why not? Hello...Vanessa's end of the receiver starts quacking (that's cute) do you take him out a lot Vanessa?

VA: Sometimes it depends where I'm going.

FM: Just before you and your goose go, where do you see yourself in ten years?

VA: Definitely travelling around Australia in a four wheel drive.

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