Fiona Horne

Fiona Horne
Is there nothing Fiona Horne can't achieve, from Author, television celeb, successful recording artist, Witch and Playboy pin up! You name it, Fiona's done it and if she hasn't it's just a matter of time before she ticks it off, her personal to do list! Take a sneak peak into Fiona's hectic but fascinating lifestyle and suddenly you may feel, well....a little boring!

Femail: Fiona, you have enjoyed an interesting and somewhat diverse career to date journalist, successful recording artist and a witch! Which role reflects you best?

Fiona: I guess I don't really consider being a Witch a career move! It's more of a spiritual calling! I have had a diverse career, I think that probably reflects my drive to work hard and experience as much of life as I possibly can. I enjoy everything I do and right now I am really, loving my work in television as host for Channel 9's new show "Parties" - which we are shooting now and which will air in late July. The only thing I don't enjoy right now is trying to find time to do everything! I am working on a third book about Witchcraft for teenagers and there are not enough hours in a day!

Femail: A third book! You have already published two books on witchcraft A Magickal Year, and Witch, A Personal Journey? Which of these was more rewarding for you and what can we expect from the soon to be released, your third publication?

Fiona: The first book was quite autobiographical and it was a very cathartic experience to write. Looking back at my life and focusing on different events helped put my current life into perspective. The second book is more of a 'how to' guide and I put it together after getting feedback from readers of the first on which specific things about the Craft that needed to understand more. Both books were intensely rewarding to write, but the best part of it is the feedback I get from people who come to the book launches or even just walk up to me in the street saying that the books have helped them in some way.

The third book is focusing on Witchcraft for teenagers. They have specific needs and concerns and there are so many 'TeenWitches' now. The book will deal with spells and rituals to help with school, peer group pressure, family relationships and self esteem - for starters!

Femail: Have you ever been so resentful, that you have used witchcraft for revenge or evil? And which spell can you recommend for attracting that guy won't fall for someone's natural charm?

Fiona: I have not used the Craft for revenge - though to be honest it has crossed my mind! I deal with the issue of hexing extensively in both books and make it clear that it's not worth the trouble. It is more empowering and a show of stronger magick to be able to heal yourself of the damage committed by another and move on.

I wouldn't recommend a spell to make a guy fall in love with you as this is interfering with someone else's free will and a Witchy no-no! There are plenty of spells you can do to increase your inner and outer beauty and you can attract more love into your life - it's just better not to aim your love spells at a specific person. When I do my radio show with Richard Stubbs (TTFM Weds morning in Melbourne) so many people call in wanting spells for more love in their lives, but I always encourage them to work on themselves and then love will follow.

Femail: Appearing in Playboy these days is arguably a status thing, you are in great company with Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford and Drew Barrymore. Aside from the fame and the buzz of appearing in this infamous publication, do you think this altered your friends and/or the publics perception of you?

Fiona: Doing Playboy was fun - I insisted on complete control - I chose an all-female team, photographer, stylist etc and conceptualised and directed the shoot myself. I also wrote the text to accompany the photos. I'm not too worried about how the public perceived me doing it. It's really not that big a deal, but it was fun to get into that magazine and stir things up! I'm happy that my friends and family said that the photos were beautiful - all the hard work to get the shoot right paid off! It was a gruelling shoot that took place over three days.

Femail: Your unusual photos in Playboy actually pay homeage to a remarkable woman with whom you share an unusual trait - both Witches. Rosaleen Norton, bohemian and intellectual, who reigned supreme as Sydney's notorious 'Witch of King's Cross' during the '50's and '60's. This was some time ago, meaning there is a fairly large age gap between you both, when did you first hear of Rosaleen Norton, and why does she inspire you?

Fiona: I first heard of Rosaleen through some newspaper articles in the early '80's. I was very young and found the idea of a 'Witch of Kings Cross' very intriguing. I have quite a few books about Rosaleen now and have even met one of her family members. Rosie was a free spirit and free thinker at a time when women were far more oppressed than they are now. Her braveness and her defiance of social norms and expectations inspires me to trust my own voice and vision of the world.

Femail: Fiona, what can you tell us about this great new concept program 'PARTY' due to air on Channel 9 in June, later this year?

Fiona: I am hosting the show and I also get to go to some of the parties - I get paid to go out and have a good time - it's unreal! The show gives an insight into people sharing significant moments in their lives - we go to bar mitzvahs, balls, backyard barbies, nightclubs, Brazilian festivals - the variety is endless!

Femail: 'I don't believe this' you get all the great gigs! 'Party,' Cleo Bachelor of the year reporter for The Russel Gilbert Show. Can you fill us in on any goss or some behind the scenes 'male bitching'? And which bachelor was your personal, pick, Fiona?

Fiona: My personal pick was Craig Wing who actually won. When I met him I was really impressed by his gentle nature - and he is GORGEOUS! I didn't pick up on any male bitching, all the guys were on their best behaviour. Though I did leave after the awards ceremony as the more alcohol that was consumed the more out of control things were getting - picture 500 lusty women aiming their attention at 50 bachelors! I needed some air!

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