Valentines Valentina's

Valentines Valentina's

Ah Valentines Day. Day for couples to go to great lengths to show their loved ones how much they care about their partner even in this busy fast paced world.
That's for couples, what about for the single ladies?

In this fast paced world, the modern women now have more freedom then decades ago in which being seen as a married woman and good housewife was appropriate and seen as acceptable. These days, with the freedom woman are given it is no wonder that some have no time for relationships and are focused on becoming more stable to support themselves. Some of these women, however, want what some of their friends have: a loving relationship with someone special. And with Valentines Day around the corner, that won't make it easy as couple will become frequently seen in public almost anywhere that they'd rather spend it with friends who are also single.

Question is, what would these lovely single Valentina's do on a day widely accepted and celebrated by couples? Well here are some answers:
Hit it up at the clubs A definite yes for those who enjoy the nightlife scene dancing to the flashing lights and loud music, clubbing would be a great way to celebrate Valentines Day, or night. A well known fact is that men are attracted to women who wear red and what better occasion to wear red than on Valentines Day. So wear red and hit it up at the club. Who knows you might come home with a single guy who'd take your breath away for the night, or for a long time after if you get lucky!
Chick Flick Night Want to have fun that doesn't involve loud music and is quite cosy and homely? Chick Flick night is what it's all about. At a nice large home and with popcorn, sweets and drinks (maybe red or pink drinks for the special night?) and watching movies such as the romantic comedy movie -Valentines Day', the hilarious -He's just not that into you' and maybe a dose of other romantic movies such as the heart warming -P.S I love you' movie or -Eat, Pray and Love'.
Girls Day Out Shopping in new places, Eating at places you never ate at before and just having a grand day out in places you've never been before is quite a way to celebrate this day. After all, you could meet some new people and maybe get a handsome guys number on the day
Single Mothers Gathering For the single moms who are feeling lonely and want some entertainment don't worry, a gathering is all you need. Invite your friends and families and other single mothers for a get together and have a Valentine themed gathering. Dress up in pink and red clothing and dress up the kids too! Cupcakes with red and pink icing and hearts are a must have treat for a Valentines Day gathering along with some food couples would get on the day such as chocolates and red wine.

These are just the many suggestions and ideas for all the single women and their friends could do. So all the single ladies that are out there put your hands in the air and celebrate the love that you can give your friends and families that would last and take your breath away this Valentines Day.

-By Tania Prestidge