Nonspecific Urethritis

Typical urethritis is not normally caused by sex, however non-specific urethritis is usually passed on via sexual intercourse, caused by either the bacteria from gonorrhoea, or Chlamydia (see either gonorrhoea or Chlamydia). It is basically an infection of the urethra (where you urinate from).

So what is it?

It is a Sexually Transmitted disease (STD) which infects the urethra. The urethra is located between the bladder and the urethral opening (where you urinate from). It can be caused by a variety of organisms, other than the gonococci. With this infection the urethra swells and narrows, which impedes the flow of urine, which causes various symptoms. An allergy or excessive alcohol consumption may also cause this infection.


Urination increases.
The feeling to urinate increases (although there may be no urine).
Burning sensation on urination.
Burning even when there is no need to urinate.
Purulent discharge from the urethral opening.

This is very similar to females.
Urination increases.
Frequency to urinate increases.
Burning sensation on urination.
Cloudy or cloudily discharge from the tip of the penis.


A simple urine test from your local doctor should confirm the infection. However with this kind of infection it is important that a laboratory sample is sent, along with a female having a general sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests performed via a pap smear to rule out Chlamydia or gonorrhoea, as these may have caused the infection. If you have a different infection the type of treatment may be different. Both you and your partner need to be tested, as this kind of condition is highly contagious. And if only one of you is treated, you will just pass it back to the other. So it's important that you are both treated. If it was contracted from someone who you had causal sex with, it is important you let them know that they may have this infection. This is so that they do not pass it on to someone else (as you wouldn't want to be the next girl to get it), as embarrassing as it may be. The only way to eradicate these infections is to be honest, and have them treated as quickly as possible.


This is easy just a simple course of antibiotics will cure this infection quickly. There are medications that can also reduce this burning sensation while you are waiting for the infection to resolve with the antibiotics (as this will take a few days). Make sure you take the whole course, or you will find that the infection will come back (usually more severe).


Complications are rare, but for men there is a small chance of inflamed testicles and for both women and men there is a small risk of Reiter's syndrome which causes an inflammation of the eyes and joints, or a rash on the feet and genitals.


Condoms! These will not only protect you from this infection, but from many other STDs, and the one that isn't curable - AIDS. If you are having casual sex you really should be using condoms, as these are the safest contraceptive devices in preventing any nasty diseases. Remember AIDS does not have a cure as yet.

- Louise Ganey