Unleashing the tiger in him

The power of fantasies is amazing. Yet few couples everindulge in each others fantasies. Some feel that fantasiesare private issues that shouldnt be exposed. Others are justtoo embarrassed to fully release their fantasies to anyone.However in an open healthy relationship fantasies canprovide a much needed escape from reality. In addition,openly sharing these inner secrets with your mate unlockshidden desires that will benefit both partners. It is alwaysbetter to know the secret sexual desires of your mate thanit is for him to keep them locked inside. Awareness ispower.

Do you know exactly what your lovers sexual fantasiesare? Most women think they do. At the same time mostcannot detail the fantasy. Here is a major key to fantasies.When your mate is visualizing his ultimate sexualencounter he is very detailed about how things aredeveloping. How his mind formats the fantasy is ofextreme importance. Knowing that his inner most secretdesire is a threesome is not enough. Details are whatspice up and brings out emotions.

The million dollar question now is, how do you get the juicydetails of your lovers wildest fantasy? First and foremost,realize that he may be apprehensive about detailing hissecrets to you. Your first order of business is to set him atease. His first concern is that you may find his fantasyupsetting. Breaking down this barrier will benefit yourrelationship in many ways. Opening up to each other ishealthy. It builds a solid unified relationship.

Once you have assured him that he can confide in you,the next step is to use effective questions. Once you get himtalking about his fantasy, ask questions that bring out details.
How does it begin?
Where is it happening?
What acts or positions are going on?
What about the fantasy excites him?
When does he climax?

You can also enhance the details by adding your owncomments. Excite him with your participation.

A great time to bring out these conversations is at night, whilelaying in bed. Done correctly, this can be a personal romantictime that will flame the fires of passion. In fact, this should bean enjoyable experience for both of you. Be playful. Let yourmind go and indulge in the moment.

You now have the power to unleash the tiger in him. Enjoy!

Michael S. Martinez is a freelance writer and author of Secrets of Sexcess. For more information visit www.self-educator.com/victoriacb.htm