There's Nothing Manlier Than A Good Cry

There's Nothing Manlier Than A Good Cry

There's Nothing Manlier Than A Good Cry

A new national survey has revealed an overwhelming number of Australian men have cried when watching a movie, with 100% of female survey respondents indicating they've seen their man shed a tear during a film.

Kleenex Mansize tissues enlisted Australian women aged 18 and over to spill the beans on their man's emotional side, with some surprising insights into what tugs at the male heartstrings.

According to the women in their lives, two thirds of Aussie men (59%) have teared up when watching a chick flick, with The Notebook, Titanic and Love Actually all ranking in the top 10 films which have made their man reach for the tissues.

Proving dog really is man's best friend; it was Marley & Me that was exposed as the number one film that is most likely to make our men cry, with 44% of respondents choosing this heart-wrenching drama about a family and their naughty Labrador Retriever. This was followed by The Notebook (17%), Life is Beautiful (15%) and Shawshank Redemption (13%).

It's not only films that cause men to weep. One in ten women surveyed by Kleenex Mansize tissues revealed that their man has cried over the results of their favourite sports team.

Australian men will also shed a tear at the birth of their child (40%), on their wedding day (25%) and when fighting with a friend or loved one (20%). Almost one in five (18%) women even revealed that a song has brought their guy to tears.

Valerie Moreno, Marketing Manager Kleenex Facial Tissues, says, "It's great to see that Aussie men aren't afraid to show their emotional side, even when it comes to a good tear-jerking flick. With Kleenex Mansize tissues, we'll help them maintain their masculinity when wiping away their tears."

Kleenex has launched a new compact sized version of the popular Mansize tissue. It's what's on the inside that counts and now Australia's biggest tissue comes in a smaller box - so they will always be in easy reach!

A Kleenex Mansize tissues reveals the top 10 films which have made men cry:
1.Marley and Me
2.Red Dog
3.Life is Beautiful
4.Shawshank Redemption
5.The Notebook
6.Forrest Gump
7.Love Actually
9.My Sister's Keeper
10.Toy Story 3

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The Kleenex Mansize research was conducted in May 2012 and surveyed 605 Australian women aged 18 and over. The survey was conducted through