The Modern Man is there a Man Drought?

The Modern Man is there a Man Drought?
How Hollywood killed the ladies' man! The race to revive him and end the 'man drought'

Movies have confused men about what women want, according to dating specialists at The Modern Man (

The Modern Man, which has helped over 6,000 men across more than 24 countries embrace their inner 'ladies' man', has found 70 percent of guys think women don't enjoy being approached in bar environments.

The result? The illusion of what Australian women are calling a 'man drought'.

Creator of The Modern Man and reformed ladies' man Dan Bacon said one too many romantic comedies and episodes of Friends have baffled today's man when it comes to understanding what women are looking for in a guy and how they like to be approached and treated.

"We've all seen these movie scenes before - a guy walks up to a woman in a bar and ends up with a drink tipped over his head then walks away with his tail between his legs," said Dan.

"Men have been getting slapped by women since the days of the black & white movie. Usually, it's when a man shows sexual interest in the woman. A modern example is a scene from the movie '17 Again' where women basically form a line to take a swipe at Zac Efron. What most people don't realise is that these scenes make a lot of modern men afraid to approach women and show interest.

"Women are often portrayed as being horrified at men who aren't afraid to show their sexual attraction for women, but this is not an accurate reflection of how the modern woman wants to be wooed."

According to Dan, women want to be approached. When it comes to bar environments, the fact is most women stand around waiting to be approached.

"We meet thousands of women a year doing what we do and increasingly they complain that guys no longer approach them. Understandably, they conclude that there must be no men left out there," he said.

"And many of the men who do walk up to women are getting it all wrong because they're either so nervous about the expected reaction or basing their approach on some deluded dating scene they've seen in a sitcom or movie."

The Modern Man has taken on a mission to put an end to the misconceptions by educating men about the do's and don'ts of meeting women.

"Men have fewer role models today. Fathers and sons are often separated by work and study commitments and immediate and extended families often live far apart, so you can see why many men have come to rely on TV shows and movies for help, but this form of media is usually just for entertainment - not education.

"It's time to get past the Hollywood hype and back to reality so we can give Australian women a man they find attractive."

The truth is, eight out of ten women will be friendly when a man approaches and this is a fact that should boost a man's confidence immediately, said Dan.

"Next, a guy needs to understand that a woman wants to be approached by a confident, assertive man and 'teasing', 'flirting', 'sexual tension' and 'checking her out' are not dirty words - they are all part of creating an interaction that will result in attraction.

"Guys need to stop apologising for being sexually attracted to women. Asserting masculinity allows women to respond in a natural feminine way.

"Men need to show their masculinity and sexuality through numerous things like their body language and stance, strength in their thoughts and opinions and the use of humour and conversation to move an interaction forward romantically, rather than talking to her like a meek male from a G-rated TV soap.

"Women spend time primping and preening for a night out so that they can appeal to the opposite sex. This is all about men doing their own preparation and reprogramming themselves to become a 'ladies' man' - defined by us as simply someone who enjoys and attracts the company of women."

After five years of coaching men one-on-one and conducting seminars across Australia, The Modern Man has condensed all knowledge into an 8-hour DVD set called Dating Power, a complete, start-to-finish guide about approaching and dating women. For more information visit: