The Last Matchmaker

The Last Matchmaker

The Last Matchmaker

The true story of the man who brought love to Ireland.

Unlucky in love?
Heed the advice of a true-life Irish matchmaker.

Willie Daly has helped hundreds of couples find love in his long career as 'the horse whispers of matchmaking'. Now he reveals the secret to finding true love, and shares the story of his life bringing people together in love and marriage.

Set against a backdrop of lush fields, breathtaking cliffs, endless ocean and quaint villages, Willie Daly - like his father and grandfather before him - plies the ancient trade of matchmaking. Let's face it, pairing up with a life partner and living happily ever after isn't the easiest thing in the book, and left to our own devices we're not always that good at it.

In this gorgeous 'practical memoir' he'll take you from the pages of his great-grandfather's lucky matchmaking book right up to the present day, as he works his magic at the dances and in the pubs in and around his home town of Lisdoonvarna - a world capital of matchmaking, thanks to its annual (and very gregarious) Matchmaking Festival. You'll join him roaming the misty hills and dales of County Clare as he makes his matches, and by the fire in his very own pub as he spins his classic yarns, affirming that he can do what no computer or dating service can.

Willie Daly thinks he was born on 1 April 1943, though he can't be sure because the priest who recorded the date was 'very fond of the drink'. He has lived in Ballingaddy all of his life, and still lives next door to the 300-year-old cottage where he was born.

The Last Matchmaker
Hachette Australia
Author: Willie Daly
ISBN: 9781847443038
Price: $32.99