The Ex

I have been seeing someone for quite a while...we became good friends first...he is at his ex's a little longer than he should be when picking up/dropping off his daughter...he also "jumps" when his ex calls with issues about his daughter... He says that nothing is there between them anymore other than the daughter...he did kiss her once the first time we went together. I broke it off with him and we still stayed good friends. He calls me from her house with her there. She also knows that he is calling me at the time. Am I making any sense? Should I be worried? She also has a few fellow male friends. Am I being goofy about the whole thing? Am I silly for taking him back again? He tells be that I am silly for being so upset all the time over it. I guess that is where the trust come in... I am 26 he is 24.Any advice on how to handle the situation? Should I go with trust? So far he has given me no reason not to...he calls and tells me everywhere/everything he does before doing it...I know that there is no longer any relationship between them.

A. If you believe this guy is honest and he's only with his ex for his daughter, then the issue is yours. It's VERY natural to be jealous of ex-wives or girlfriends but it's your responsibility to decide truth from fiction and deal with your own insecurities.

It's very important that parents provide a united front to children even if they spilt up so if this man and his ex get along, hooray, that's good! He might even still have warm feelings for her but as long as they're not sexual, you have nothing to worry about. You can't own every part of his life.

Why not give him the benefit of the doubt unless as you say, he gives you reason to think otherwise? He doesn't sound very underhanded and you have your eyes wide open so you won't go far wrong.

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