The Dont' Go Hungry Diet

The Dont' Go Hungry Diet

If you have tried all the diets but find you just keep putting the weight back on - plus extra - Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis of the Garvan Institute, leading weight-loss scientist, put her theories to the test and lost nearly 30 kilos

Dr Amanda is about empowering you to lose weight by understanding your body.

'The Dont' Go Hungry Diet' is a scentifically based way to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Whether you've tried all the diets but find you just keep putting the weight back on - plus extra - or simply want to lose weight and keep it off forever, this is the book for you, with real solutions based on real science.

Like many women, Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis began dieting in her teens despite being a normal weight. Over the next few years she tried all kinds of diets and six years on her weight had ballooned; she was now obese. 'I dieted myself fat,' Dr Sainsbury-Salis says. 'I'd lose a kilo or two then just gain it all back, plus more.' She also fell prey to binge eating, pigging out on pastries in between her dieting attempts. When in despair she finally gave up dieting, she decided to start a career in medical research so that she could find an effective way to lose weight.

Today she is a world leader in the field of weight loss. Through her research, she discovered that the key to successful dieting is to understand how your brain regulates your weight and work with it, rather than against it, by never going hungry. Staying satisfied is the key to beating the 'famine reaction', your body's way of protecting itself when you diet from what it perceives as a life-threatening food shortage. Once in tune with your body, it's easy to lose weight and keep it off. Amanda tested out her theories on herself, losing nearly 30 kilograms and keeping it off for more than nine years (and counting), then helped her husband to lose 20 kilograms.

Now, in The Don't Go Hungry Diet, Dr Sainsbury-Salis explains the science behind her discoveries simply and effectively, then tells how you, too, can lose weight more effectively and with less effort than ever before. With chapters on how to recognise and deal with a famine reaction and other scientific breakthroughs as well as on nutrition and exercise, plus 50 delicious recipes, this is a scientifically based plan that is simple for anyone to follow -and that works.

Conventional weight loss methods force you to work against your body. However, this usually backfires because it leads to a Famine Reaction that causes ravenous hunger and cravings, weight loss plateaus and rebound weight gain. Intriguingly, new research shows that you can disarm the Famine Reaction as you lose weight simply by eating whenever you feel physically hungry. When you work with you body, not against it in this way, losing weight is much easier.

Dr Amanda will show you that your body not only has a Famine Reaction that protects you from losing weight, it also has an ingenious mechanism that helps protect you from gaining weight. This system is called the Fat Brake, and when you listen to its signal and follow its lead, losing weight and keeping it off is much more effective.

Dr Amanda tested out her findings on the Famine Reaction and the Fat Brake on herself, losing 28 kilos and keeping it off for more than nine years (and counting). 'Science shows that everything you need to lose weight and keep it off is in your genes, and all you need to do is understand your body and tune into that wisdom', she says.

Amanda Sainsbury-Salis
One of the world's leading scientists in the field of weight regulation, Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis is a Research Fellow at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, where her work is funded by such health organisations as the NHMRC and Diabetes Australia. Dr Sainsbury-Salis is also a senior lecturer at the University of NSW. Her many awards include the Peter Doherty Post-Doctoral Fellowship. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two young children.

Review: It all seems so clear now and makes total sense, no more yoyo diets.

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Author: Amanda Sainsbury-Salis
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