Surprise Child

I am 18 years old and am currently having problems with my ex who is 26 years old. We were together for nearly 2 years and get along well. We were broken up for 3 weeks and were planning to get back together. But I was told that a girl in her 20's is saying her 5-month old daughter is his. I am so heartbroken by this. I asked him in person and he denied it and said he never slept with her. I want to believe him so much because I love him with all my heart. Why wouldn't I have heard this news any sooner? We live in a town where everyone knows everyone's news. He says he loves me and would never do anything to wreck the relationship because I am his life. Please help me. I am very confused right now...Thank you for your time.

I really don't know why you're believing this girl over him. Do you doubt him in general?

It's always a bad idea to listen to a third-party report. Your relationship is between the two of you. You either believe him or you don't. Trust is just as much about you as the other person. Mind you, if you were apart for those three weeks and he did sleep with someone else, he wasn't really being unfaithful. But I agree that you probably would have heard about this girl before. Ultimately it's up to you. Trust him and let it go or break up. There's no point torturing yourself with something in between.

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