Single Parent Dating

Q. I am a young(27), divorced mother of one. I am in University now and am considering dating. But I have no idea how or when I should tell a guy thatI have a kid.(4 yr old girl) It's not exactly the first thing I want coming out of my mouth when a guy says hi, but when do I tell him? What's fair for him?

A. I agree that you don't need to tell every guy who asks you out that youhave a child. Don't deliberately hide it but there's no need to tell everyone your private life straightaway.

I admire your honesty and desire to be fair. My view is when you're out on your first date, assess the situation. If you think you'd like to see this guy again, don't accept a second date without mentioning your child.

It shouldn't make any difference to a sincere fellow but you might not even get to the 1st date if he's frightened off by the idea of a child when he hasn't had the chance to know you a bit.

This is just a rule of thumb which you should adjust by instinct. Gaugewhat works and what doesn't. Feel your way. The right guy won't be put off.

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