Shi'Jäno Skincare

Shi'Jäno Skincare

For the first time ever a cosmetic company can back up its claims with scientific data.

Turn Back the Clock!

Shi'Jäno is an anti-ageing cream that's proven to work....

Botox, cosmetic surgery, acid peels- you've heard them all. The average woman (and man!) can and does spend thousands of dollars in their lifetime looking for the elusive fountain of youth.

Up until now there has been no real proof on which anti-aging creams do and don't work. That's where Shi'Jäno comes in. For the first time ever a cosmetic company can back up its claims (with scientific data) that in only 12 weeks their product does in fact:

  • reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by an average of 51% and up to 65%
  • leave skin feeling significantly smoother
  • even out skin hue making it considerably clearer
  • make skin feel younger with fewer visible pores.

    Shi'Jäno is based on a patent-protected composition that primarily consists of three substances:
  • Alpha-lipoic acid, Co-enzyme Q10, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

    Combined, these ingredients work synergistically to produce the genuine anti-ageing results that are seen in such a short period of time.

    The evidence of its worth lies in the fact that it has been subjected to extensive clinical tests under the supervision of Associate Professor Harry Beitner, Chairman of Dermatology at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden - the birthplace of the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

    This was more than just magic or advertising spin. This was science. So significant were the results of the trial that they were published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology (Oct 2003).

    For years Professor Beitner's passion has been investigating the way our skin ages, wanting to find out one way or the other if topical creams could in fact make people look (and feel) younger.

    Putting scepticism aside he decided to go ahead with a clinical trial based on scientific principles. His subject of choice was the Swedish product Shi'Jäno mainly because of an interest in its active ingredients. After three months he had his results.

    The women who took part in the trials voted the cream a huge success with 78 per cent reporting they looked better and felt better- these same women were convinced the cream was the reason.

    But Professor Beitner was after more than impressions, he wanted the science, and when he used advanced laser profilometry technology to see the difference in appearance of wrinkle depth, he had his proof.

    An astounding average of 51 per cent and up to 65 per cent improvement.

    In October 2005, the Swedish Health and Beauty Council voted Shi'Jäno as Skin-Care Product of the Year at the industry conference in Stockholm for the second consecutive year. This reflects the market's continued positive response to a product that has been so well received across the board.

    What's being said....

    "For a dermatologist, this is rather sensational I would say." Comment during a seminar about the clinical trial
    Associate Professor Harry Beitner
    Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

    "Most cosmetics have no clinical trials done on them so this company needs to be congratulated. The science is impressive."
    Professor John Eden
    Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick NSW

    "This is without doubt the most impressive face product that I have ever usedresults you can really see."
    Simone Boxsell
    Macarthur Central Chemist, Brisbane Q

    "I have worked in the beauty industry for 20 years selling prestige cosmetics. I have fair skin and freckles and at 37, unfortunately was starting to show wear and tear. I was given a trial tube of your original day & night cream, and after just finishing my second tube, the compliments are finally coming my way. The sunspots that were appearing (I'm not blind) have gone, laugh lines have gone, freckles are fading. I am thrilled. Love your product, so don't stop importing it! I can't live without it."

    ShiJano Eye Crème - $62
    ShiJano Original Day & Night Soft Crème - $74
    ShiJano Original Day & Night Crème - $98

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