Relationship Stalemate

Q. Ive been in a relationship for 4 years but it doesnt seem to be going anywhere. The feelings have deepened but my partner seems no closer to wanting us to move in together or perhaps get married one day. Weve talked around it endlessly but Im left with the sure knowledge that he likes things as they are and doesnt want to change. Am I being unreasonable?

A. You may benefit from some couples counselling as its often easier to sort out apparent stalemates when theres an impartial third party.
Other than that, youve basically got to decide if you are satisfied with this relationship as it is. If hes perfectly happy and youre not, there may be no simple solution. Youve probably talked enough for now and its really crunch time. Tell this guy how you feel and make it clear you cant settle for the current situation. If theres still no movement, only you can decide whether to stay or leave.

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