It's Raining Men - Single? Want to know how to meet more men today?

It's Raining Men - Single? Want to know how to meet more men today?

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If spending lonely Saturday nights in front of the TV has become a common occurrence for you, and you are tired of being pitied by your married friends who hook you up on those dreaded blind dates from hell, it's definitely time you did something about it! Don't lose heart; the dating scene is not as daunting as it used to be. Gone are the days of conducting those elaborate courting rituals or tiring yourself out at the regular club or pub scenes in that elusive search for 'Mr. Right'. Now, in the 21st century, technology has finally caught up with this eternal quest for 'The One'.

With the advent of online dating, websites such as are utilizing cutting edge technology to bridge the digital divide and get soul mates connected in ways never before dreamed of. With Webcam Chat, Video Intro, private and public photo galleries, member submitted picture competitions, and Date Finder it is little wonder RedHotPie is sweeping the nation as the most exciting dating and entertainment website. RedHotPie is the new way to meet people and it can be done in the comfort and security of your own home.

Long gone are the taboos of using dating services and feeling like a social pariah for having a personals profile. Now when you log on you will join hundreds of thousands of like minded people from around Australia all looking for excitement. You will be amazed by the amount of eligible suitors you have to choose from. Have your pick of the crop, there's hard bodied gym junkies, too cool for school blonde surfer types, career driven professionals, sensitive new age guys, brazen metrosexuals comfortable with their sexuality and my personal favourite, the Toy Boy, and watch them serve your every need. Whatever your flavour is, there is definitely something for everyone at

Forget about navigating your way through the sweaty throng of crowds at clubs or running the gauntlet of inebriated men at the local bar in the hope of finding a half eligible partner. Don't run the risk of waking up out of a drunken stupor next to a complete stranger only to regret the decision you made in an altered state of mind. Never again feel the threat of having your drink spiked or being set up on the blind date from hell that never ends. Security and anonymity are some of the greatest advantages of online dating.

After a short period of viewing the profiles at RedHotPie you will have your pick of the crème de le crème of potential partners. By browsing member's profiles you can quickly find out all the essential details not readily available when you meet strangers in public. Do they have an athletic body or consider themselves a bit cuddlier? Are they a mysterious Scorpio or a quirky Aquarius? Are they older but young at heart or young but mature beyond their years? Are they romantic, funny, adventurous or professional? These questions can be answered with the click of a button, all without having to expose yourself in public.

This anonymity allows you to cherry pick from the largest pool of talent in Australia. You can find out many details such as body type, smoking and drinking habits, physical features, and even their thoughts about children and whether or not they have any. Having found your preferred members, you can then add them to your HotList to initiate contact. Now you simply engage them in conversation and after exchanging messages, private pictures, video intros or chatting through webcam chat, you may feel a connection and choose to develop your relationship further and meet in person. If you don't feel a connection, you can simply move onto the next profile with no hurt feelings or emotional attachment. No longer feel pressured into an emotional commitment if you are not 100% sure he is the right man for you.

On top of the huge number of personal profiles, RedHotPie has dozens of other funky features and cool tools. RedHotPie boasts a huge community section packed with interesting articles, weekly horoscopes, forums, polls, tell tales, parties and events listings in your area, erotic stories and the sexy monthly SLICE magazine. You can even ask resident sex therapist Samantha any questions you may have about sex or relationship issues you may be facing. Enter the amateur pics contest where your photo is rated by other members and you'll be in the running to win monthly cash prizes!

If you're not looking for a serious relationship at the moment, but are still interested in something casual, RedHotPie is definitely the place for you! There are thousands of listings from people who engage in a sexually diverse lifestyle, and RedHotPie is the perfect meeting place to find many like minded people.

Thanks to RedHotPie the journey to finding someone is going to be a fun one, and you're likely to meet many people you'll stay friends with long after you've found that special someone. In fact many people go online to make new friends without any pressure. Lots of our members are extremely busy and therefore find it hard to get out there and meet new people. That's why RedHotPie is the perfect place to find whatever it is you're looking for, from friendship to 'The One'. So what are you waiting for?

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