Real Friends

Real Friends

Real Friends - What makes a real friend?You grew up together, went to school together or maybe shared those crazy times in your life exploring who you both are and what you want out of life.

So how do you know if you are real friends or just simple friends?

  • A simple friend has never seen you cry.
  • A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

  • A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names.
  • A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

  • A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party.
  • A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you

  • A simple friend hates it when you call after she has gone to bed.
  • A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.

  • A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
  • A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

  • A simple friend wonders about your romantic history.
  • A real friend could blackmail you with it.

  • A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
  • A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

  • A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you HAVE an argument.
  • A real friend calls you after you had a fight.

  • A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.
  • A real friend expects to always be there for you!

Now don't get me wrong, it's good to have simple friends, as they are fun and offer another network of people to socialise with. But you can't bet real friends, you know the ones you wear trackies around, go to a movie when you are feeling down or just hang out and talk about stuff.