Pilates for Better Sex DVD Series

Pilates for Better Sex DVD Series

Pilates for Better Sex DVD Series

We all know Pilates is good for your general health, strength and fitness, but did you know that it could greatly improve your sex life too? In 2011 an international Orgasm Survey* found a strong pelvic floor was key to a better sex life. The tighter the vaginal muscles are, the more friction that is created during intercourse, making it more pleasurable for both parties and much more likely for women to achieve vaginal orgasm. Tasha Lawton, creator of the Pregalates DVD series, now brings us Pilates for Better Sex.

Often after childbirth or menopause the vaginal walls are loosened and weakened. If women don't exercise these muscles it can result in lesser contact during sex between the vaginal wall and the penis, reducing stimulation of the G-spot. Exercising the pelvic floor can actually improve the neural pathways between the brain and the vagina leading to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity, which will be music to the ears of most women!

Pilates is a great way to improve the tone and strength of the pelvic floor. In this new DVD, Pilates for Better Sex, Tasha Lawton focuses on doing just that. The DVD follows on from her Pregalates DVD series, which offered Pilates classes for the different stages of pregnancy. Public demand has lead to the creation of the latest installment.

"I had women contacting me saying they loved the pregnancy classes but now their babies were born and they needed help with muffin tops, bladder control and sexual enjoyment," explains Tasha. "This DVD will help in all three areas."

If you are at home with young children it can be difficult to get out to exercise. The beauty of these DVDs is that they can be done in your own home, even with little ones about.

After a few weeks of doing these exercises you'll start to feel like a young woman again, and you and your partner won't be able to wipe the smiles off your faces!

Pelvic Floor Tips from Tasha Lawton
Okay so you know a stronger pelvic floor is key to a better sex life (not to mention better bladder control!), but are you sure you're doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly? Tasha Lawton gives us her pelvic floor tips:
1.Imagine the sensation of urinating.
2.Now tighten the muscles need to stop that imaginary flow of urine. Bingo! You've just found your pelvic floor muscle.
3.Now try to contract the pelvic floor muscle for 5-8 seconds (make sure you don't contract your anus muscle at the same time) then let go.
4.Repeat ten times.
5.Alternatively squeeze the muscle then let go, squeeze, let go, repeat until you can't do any more.
6.The key to a stronger pelvic floor is regular exercise so try to choose a time that you will always do these like:
a.Whenever you are driving and you stop at a red light
b.Whenever you first turn on your TV
c.Whenever you have a tea/coffee
d.Whenever you have a shower
7.Do these exercises at least three times each week.

Remember that although a 'tight love tunnel' is important for good sex, so is being able to relax your pelvic muscle to allow deeper penetration.

The Pilates for Better Sex DVD offers a 50minute medium to high impact class. It is available as a download for $19.99 or as a DVD for $24.99 from www.pregalates.com