The Peter Potty

The Peter Potty

The Peter Potty

Now boys can be boys!

The Peter Potty is really cool! It allows little boys to wee standing up - which can reduce the time it takes for them to toilet train (no more sitting like a girl first), and allows them to mimic the older boys and men they see around them. After all, little boys LOVE standing up.

It is also flushable (no plumbing required!). This creates a self-reward opportunity. Not many potty's can lay claim to that and it will make a big difference to the parent who normally has to empty the potty! It also means that they learn good habits from the get-go, such as flushing when they have finished.

Sometimes it's more convenient to teach young children toilet training outside of the bathroom. The Peter Potty is totally portable so you can start them off outside or in the playroom - wherever is the best location for that child.

The Peter Potty is height adjustable so that it can grow as your little boy grows. It also means you can ditch the little step that can otherwise hang around the toilet for months! Then, when you want a more permanent position for the Peter Potty, it can be wall mounted.

The Peter Potty flushable toddler urinal will let your little boy be a stand-up guy!

Peter Potty is available nationally at independent baby stores for $74.99 or online from for $84.95 including postage and handling.