Diamond Valley Miniature Railway Eltham

Diamond Valley Miniature Railway Eltham
This railway was established in 1960, with the aim of providing people, who are not normally railway men and women, with the opportunity of building and operating a real passenger carrying railway system in miniature.

Cost: Only $3.00 per passenger. Children under 2 years ride free.
Location: Eltham Lower Park, Melways map 21 H10.
Times: Basically every Sunday 11am-5pm .

If you have not been to Eltham, it should be located in your mind's eye - for this 184 mm (7") gauge railway is located in parkland close to the Diamond Creek, from which it gets its name. It began in this location in 1960, after the closure of the Chelsworth Park Railway.

The Railway was the brainchild of the late Mr Clem Meadmore. It operated for many years at Chelsworth Park, Ivanhoe before flooding caused its closure. But a number of young men and women saw the possibility of the miniature railway operating elsewhere. These dedicated people, together with Mr Meadmore, struggled to rebuild the Railway on an area of the Eltham Lower Park, which was virgin bushland. Mr Meadmore passed away just after trains began to run again. A Club was then formed to take over the running of the Railway and has continued to grow. As from the 19th of March, 1974, the Railway became incorporated as a public Company, limited by guarantee.

The original track was 3/4" x 3/8" mild steel, welded to plates which in turn were nailed down to 2" x 2" x 14" hardwood sleepers spaced at 10" intervals. However, as the Railway is obliged to run every Sunday, the wear and tear on the wheels by the narrow rail proved to be a problem and the track has now been completely relaid with 14 lb/yd rail. The wear and tear has been reduced considerably and now there is less vandalism than with the lighter rail.

Today, a number of the original dedicated people of the CPR and the DVR are still with the Railway. It is just on 40 years since the ground work started at Eltham and in these years the DVR has shown what it takes to make a successful Miniature Railway.

The aim of the DVR is to provide people, who are not normally railwaymen, the opportunity of building and running a real passenger carrying railway system in miniature. The Railway operation and construction is based on, or as near as possible, that of the Victorian Railways, using scales of: 1/6 full size for rolling stock; full size for signals and half full size for buildings, and is operated through the voluntary efforts of the members. Membership is open to any interested person over the age of 16 years. Revenue derived from train operations is put back into the Railway for maintenance and new works, while some of it goes to worthwhile charities.

The Diamond Valley Railway Limited has already published a companion booklet,DIAMOND POWER, which gives a pictorial record of the development of Rolling Stock and Locomotives that have been in use on the DVR from its inception to the time of publication.

Avoid Disappointment
According to the AALS Regulations every passenger who rides our railway MUST have enclosed footwear (without exception). Bare feet, thongs, sandals - any footwear with parts of the toes or feet open is not allowed on our railway.

The Diamond Valley Railway is a great day out for the family, especially with small children. There is a wonderful park and playground plus BBQ facilities (if you get in early enough).
There are usually pony rides available near the railway entrance as well.
For more information visit: www.dvr.com.au


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