The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

To celebrate the release of the sensational and quirky book "Looking for Mr Right", last month FEMAIL ran a competition asking readers to describe their perfect man (if he indeed exists!)
Here is just what some of our readers had to say:

My perfect man is:
  • not perfect, but flawed
  • human and able to admit it and work cooperatively to solve situations
  • strong in ways that matter (in spirit)
  • brave, thoughtful
  • able to live in balance with me
  • responsible
  • humorous
  • handsome, energetic, kind to children and animals, environmentally conscious and technically skilled....

- Marcelle

Gingerbread man - cute, sweet and quiet, and if he annoys me I can bite his head off!

- Yasmin

He would be tall (about 5'11"), must be attractive to me and to others, have a great sense of humour and be able to make me laugh big belly laughs, have sensitive and caring eyes (any colour) that also are capable of burning through me with "I want you". He must be able to hold an intelligent conversation as well as make silly voices with me when I feel like it, he needs to be masculine and like doing manly duties (car stuff, gardening, sawing, etc...) and also love long walks on the beach at sunset with me.
He has to enjoy drinking and not be the jealous type when I start flirting with everyone in the room (girls & guys included!). He needs to then hold my hair while I puke and rub my tummy in the morning. He will smile at me no matter what with love in his eyes, he will need to love kissing and be great at it, he will be a little romantic and never forget my birthday - but not overly so (I still want an individual man who is masculine and not a "yes" man).
Well there we go he must also not be a "yes" man, he needs to be strong when I am weak, and be supportive of my strengths, he has to smell nice, have his own friends and not be clingy, he must be supportive of my friends (men and women) and be able to fit in with them.
He will also need to give me space when I need and be secure in the fact that I will come home to him. He will tell me I'm beautiful just the way I am and mean it, he will see the real me and love me anyway.

- Alison

My perfect man knows I want an honest opinion when I ask if I look overweight in a skirt. He also has the ability to tell me and still make me feel like a princess!

- Kerri

The Perfect Male

Someone who is incredibly witty, passionate, one who cries, loves unconditionally, fights with me, intellectually spas with me, talks to me openly, really wants to be here, and believes in love!!!!

- Fiona D.

The perfect man has a sense of humour, is house-trained, will make me a cup of tea and have dinner going if I work back late. He is romantic, thoughtful, and considerate. He will replace the toilet roll, leave the seat down and clean the basin after he shaves.

- Dawn T.

A 40-year-old Sean Connery suits me just fine!!

- Kathy S.

My dream guy:

Doesn't eat all he can, have crumbs all over his T-shirt and then expect me to 'cum 'ere'
Is familiar with deodorant
Does not even dare take his shoes off within 5 metres
Puts the toilet seat down
Doesn't avoid me when I ask if I look fat
Agrees with me that shopping is a fine art and won't argue when I tell him he's coming
Gets on with my mum
Doesn't bother asking me to the footy game

- Kerri O.

My Mr Right is kind, sensitive and in touch with his feminine side.
He does not run around the house in my knickers.
My Mr Right is funny, sociable and entertaining.
He does not fart 'Advance Australia Fair' as a party trick.
My Mr Right is intelligent, creative and resourceful.
He knows not to lie about where he was on Friday night.
My Mr Right is intuitive, respectful and clean.
I do not have to remind him to have a shower.
My Mr Right is perfect.
My Mr Right does not exist.

- Melanie H.

The perfect man is fun to hang out with, fun to eat with, fun to work with and fun to sleep with... and will put the garbage out without a fuss.

- A. Donovan

The perfect man wouldn't care how many boxes of chocolates I ate, he'd offer to cook dinner out of the blue, he'd buy flowers when I'd least expect it, he'd offer to give me a massage every night, he'd be able to talk about his feelings and my parents would love him as much as I do!

- Natasha G.

Someone who knows when to talk, knows when to listen, and knows when to get the hell away 'cos I'm going to explode.

- Jamie

He is the one I have. He thinks I am beautiful, funny, intelligent and likes to be around me. Sure he has some bad points but when someone thinks you are that special you can overlook them. No one is perfect and if they were it would most probably drive you insane. I like to be right on all occasions, if he were perfect then I wouldn't get to win most of the arguments/discussions/debates.

- Kerstin

Billy Connelly would be my perfect man. He would have me laughing my way through life...and if I felt like ignoring him I could just claim that I couldn't understand his accent.

- Tracey

My perfect man would need to have and be:
P layful
E xciting
R eal and down to earth
F unny
E nergetic
C urtious and considerate
T rusting and hopefully tall.
M anners
A romantic not at all smelly.
N aughty - well just a little bit, makes life a little more exciting.

- Angela M.


My perfect man will not give me chocolates when I'm dieting, or any day I'm feeling 'fat'.
My perfect man will know when I'm premenstrual and he should be willing to run to the shops at 2am to buy the biggest block of Dairy milk when the PMS blues hit.
My perfect man lets me use his razor to shave my legs and experiment my new haircutting/waxing skills on him.
My perfect man does not wash the dog with my new salon shampoo or leave the toilet seat up at night so I fall in.
My perfect man lets me hog the doona and never mentions that I snore.
My perfect man does not sleep in his work smelly socks and forget to put the rubbish out before bed.
My perfect man is a sensual and loving man who puts his family first and finds me beautiful even when we are both old, grey and wrinkly and always holds my hand.

- Mona K.

Thank you to all that entered the "Looking for Mr Right" competition. We truly hope that you find your Mr Right. For those lucky women who have already found the "perfect man", ensure you hold on to him tightly because in this day and age, the "perfect man" is definitely hard to find!