Perfect Wax Kit - Muster

Perfect Wax Kit - Muster
Muster, the leading Italian beauty brand famed for taming our tresses now has the answer to a deliciously smooth, hair free body with its professional quality Perfect Wax Kit.

Wax like a professional - at home!
  • The Muster Perfect Wax Kit is a revolutionary waxing product that offers you the luxury of a professional result in your very own bathroom.
  • The Muster Perfect Wax Kit is the first and only product available to at home waxers with the application method of a professional beauty therapist.

    How does the Muster Perfect Wax Kit allow me to wax like my beauty therapist?
    The Muster Perfect Wax Kit contains the same wax dispenser cartridges that your therapist uses, with a salon strength formula.

    The cartridges deliver to you the right amount of wax in every application, and thanks to the Muster Waxy, a self-heating wax device, the wax is always the perfect temperature.

    With a cartridge for sensitive areas and another for general use, Muster provides a hair removal solution for all skin and hair types.

    No mess or fuss!
    The Muster Perfect Wax Kit makes it so easy to achieve professional results at home without any of the mess and fuss associated with tub waxes, hard waxes and depilatory creams.

    There is no need for the microwave or the stove! Simply plug your Muster Waxy in to an electrical outlet at home and you're ready to go.Trust Muster, the leading Italian beauty brand to come up with a quick and easy way to be hair free year round.
    Professional Result for a fraction of the cost
    Take into account the amount of money spent on waxing every time you visit the beauty therapist.

    To achieve the same professional result, time and time again with the Muster Perfect Wax Kit will cost you a one off price of $119.

    Every product in the kit, including the professional cartridges (that will allow you to wax a number of times) can be purchased separately at a low cost, making Muster's Perfect Wax Kit extremely cost effective and excellent value for money.

    Your tools of the trade
    The Muster Perfect Wax Kit contains:
  • The Muster Waxy
  • Perfect Wax cartridge for sensitive areas
  • Perfect Wax cartridge for general use
  • Disposable Wax strips
  • Perfect Wax Post Depilatory Oil to remove wax residue
  • Perfect Wax Post Depilatory Moisturising Lotion

    Share and share alike
    Make Muster's Perfect Wax Kit even better value for money by sharing it with your friends and sisters. Simply purchase a separate cartridge each and use the one Waxy to heat the wax. So easy and effective!

    The must have Muster Perfect Wax Kit is available from Hairhouse Warehouse, The Shaver Shop, Price Attack, Petra Haircare, all good hair and beauty suppliers and pharmacies.

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